Friday, 17 August 2012


For many years I have spent my vacations far away from the sea, mainly in mountain-regions (Austrian Alps, Japanese Alps, French Alps, Auvergne (France) etc. etc.)

This year everything is different. All of a sudden it can't be liquid enough when it comes to choosing a destination. Hamburg/Germany, Sicily/Italy, Outer Hebrides/Scotland.
from far south ... (Syrakus in March 2012)
... to far north (Uig, Isle of Skye)
by John Allan

Who knows, who knows, maybe this is already part of the greater plan, the one that comes with a Queen and Black Tie and sails from either Hamburg or Southampton to NYC?

Having watched the sea (Sicily) and sailed only for 30 minutes (harbourferries in Hamburg), this is going to be a step up the ladder. 
I am going to test my stomach, sailing 1h45 from Uig to Tarbert. Lets hope the sea will be as calm as in the photo above, because the experience in the ferry sailing Oostende to Dover was not too pleasant. I remember the bathroom too well. At least I know it is not a good idea to drink coffee before going on a ship. A full Scottish breakfast might not be wise, either.


  1. Reminds me of a commercial back when I was a kid: a man asks a woman (who appears to be his girlfriend) "Mountain or sea?" and she coyly answers both. I can't remember what happens next, but it took me a long time to figure out what they were talking about. :)

  2. I get so seasick, please take something, Stugeron works really well, last time en route to Orkney, I threw up in the corridor in front of everyone - the utter shame.

  3. Tracy, teh-he. I had no idea such a commercial ever existed. I would love to know how the "story" ended.

    Tabitha, thank you for the advice. I will ask for Stugeron. Not in Uig, nor in Garve, since I want at least a chance to get it. Mr Paula is soooo lucky! As a glider he has no issues at all with sick stomaches. I already told him he will be in duty, petting my back while I am bending over the rail.

  4. Those are very beautiful photos.

  5. Thank you! The first one was taken by me, the second place has to be visited yet! The second one is by John Allan, The Skye Guide!