Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Going Home

Our staycation at my parent's place is coming to an end - my parents are on their way back home, as a consequence we will have to make room and move out soon.

I am going to miss these views in the morning:
... especially since these views have been concealed with clouds and rain for the past three weeks. 
It could have been sooo nice!

Looking north, south and east

This is where we are heading to:

Maybe I am being a bit unjust, since the construction site vis a vis does no longer look like the scene on the photo anymore. Still, it is another world downtown. Gray, dry and dusty.

Au revoir suburbia, it was nice being your guest.


  1. Dear Paula, remember:

    "When you can't be/with the one you love/love the one you're with."

    Since you ask...yes, I fear you are doing your beloved downtown injustice. Perhaps you need to pause browsing those lush Caledonia photos? Thanks to your extensive documentation of Vienna, GD & D are words that rarely come to mind. [And for that I thank you!]

    Hope you enjoy getting back into your normal routine and that summer dries up for you!

  2. Dear Vix,

    but all the noise and the dirt! Ah, I am so looking forward to becoming this retired lady with purple-silver hair.
    Mr Paula and I even feel really uncomfortable parking our car in those anonymous streets, downtown? I mean imagine all those people walking by our car during one day. And what they are up to! Who knows? Whereas here in suburbia, no one walks by because everyone is sitting in a car and driving the car all the time. :-)

    GD and D? Great Demons and Demons? No, probably not quite close.
    Please help me out, what does GD and D mean?

    When I arrived in suburbia this evening, a fat chunky green caterpillar welcomed me on the doorstep. I am still undecided whether I like such welcomes or not.

    Let me close with this: I will check out the city and let you all know how I like it.

    Right now I must go and see where my mum put those boxes, emitting subliminal messages to my brain that made turn into this new character in just four weeks. Maybe it's the 2 weeks we are missing this time - we used to stay here for 6 weeks minimum - that make us long for more.

    Enough with it! Thank you for following me.

  3. I'm all for suburbia, more and more. And I used to be a city girl ;-)
    Your parents do have a gorgeous view