Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Getting Ready For Caledonia - Part I

This is a corner in Stevenson St in Oban. It shows a Laundry. I will be safe. I am going to sleep well tonight.  

Those who know me from past postings, will understand, why this Google Street View-image soothes me no end. Because there is this dominant Virgo-aspect in my horoscope, that makes me worry about almost everything thinkable and imaginable, such as dirty laundry during a 3-week-vacation and how much to pack. And no, a huge bulky suitcase is not an option, because Paula travels light. If only those warm clothes were less bulky. I am bringing my merino ski-underwear with me. And mittens. And beanies. The ski-underwear comforted me during my stay in Hamburg in June and I am sure will do a good job and keep me warm during the first days of September in Scotland.

20 days left to worry less every day. Positive anticipation is taking over. I am heading North, again!

In Part II you are going to read more about this:
I think those letters on the building are cute: "Shortbread 2"

This is what ferry MAIN TERMINALS look like, at least when you take a ferry in Scotland.

I must admit, I've expected at least some high life, some kind of a "densely built area" surrounding the MAIN terminal when reading about Talbert and Uig. Compared to the houses, the approaching ferry makes an appearance similar to Cunard's Queen Mary in Hamburg.

Where are you heading to?

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  1. oh, how I envy you your worries ;-) I'm exactly the same way, a true Virgo too, don't want to overpack but I refuse to look frumpy on vacation