Saturday, 18 August 2012

In and Out

Did I tell you how much I love packing for a trip?
In fact I love packing so much, I try to make the action last as long as possible. I take my time and slowly but steadily the whole apartment is turning into an expedition-base-camp for my 3-week trip to Scotland.

Mr Paula assured me, this is not going to be a vacation but an adventure. So it is ok to make a fuss about the things I am going to pack. Anybody who has ever gone on an expedition knows weight counts. You have to think twice, before you pack your bags, because those stairs in the B&Bs are going to be really steep. And no page is going to carry your 20kg suitcase up the stairs. And you are going to move to another B&B every other day.

There are still a few days left for accomplishing the process.

Here is how far I've come so far:
Horray! The first-aid-kit is done!
Seasickness, sore throats and aching backs - no problem!

I am still undecided whether to take this book on the trip of leave it on the nightstand. We are talking pounds here, not ounces!
I will definitely bring these with me:
The concept of a vacation, that asks for gloves and a SPF 50-sunscreen at the same time, is ... quite exceptional. Everything is possible. Once more, ski mountaineering as a hobby proves its versatility and merino wool (I highly recommend the black crew neck shirt in 150 and 260gr by icebreaker) is imho the best base layer you can find.
Ihope I will need these!

No doubt this in going to be in my pocket:
 I am looking forward to recording some Glaswegian conversations.

Have a nice weekend and don't forget, tomorrow it's Party time. See you at the pool!

PS: I will disable the comment-function for the next three weeks, since I won't be online at all and offensive comments might be posted and disturb you, my dear readers! See you in autumn :-)


  1. You love packing your suitcase? Amazing!

    I'm always waiting till a few hours before the vacation starts and because I'm so weak in taking decisions, I always put too many things and cloths in my suitcase. And I have to pack the luggage for my kids as well and I normally end up with very few hours of night sleep before we have to leave the house...

    I wish you a wonderful adventure trip to Scotland! And nice weather, of course! ;-)

    Have a good time!


  2. Dear Paula, I am always so bad-tempered when I'm packing, so I am very impressed by you. I would forget the book as I think that you will fall into bed each night and go straight to sleep! I would pack midge repellant and blister ease packs in it's place.
    Have a terrific adventure. :-)

  3. Rosalie, I entered the stage where I find myself in the kitchen, putting my jeans and sweaters on the kitchen scale. 480gr, 180gr ... in, out, out, out!

    Dear british friend "Share my Garden", you are so right! I will fall into bed and go straight to sleep. Midge repellant - Yes! (I hope that the summer-season is over by the time we arrive)
    Thank you1 I will come back with photos. And no blisters hopefully.