Thursday, 3 April 2014

A mango salad like no other

When my thoughts start to wander around the idea of a bowl of fresh mango salad I know it's time. Time for Viethao. At the Viethao they serve the most delicious mango salad. It is highly addictive. Sweet, salty, a little hot and acidy. It's perfect. And it's just the starter! The main dishes even top the outstanding quality of the salad. Those pieces of sweet potatoes, green beans and courgettes - they all taste very special. Probably because they were cooked with fresh lemon grass? You can tell: Viethao at the Karlsplatz in Vienna is my favourite restaurant for lunch breaks. It also supports jeans size 29 like no other restaurant. win-win. :-)

Somehow I never manage to take photos of the food. The camera must not come between me and the food. At the Viethao food meditation sets in.

Maybe this is just a side-effect of my severe mango salad addiction – limited creativity? Either way, today – once more, just like all the times before –  I left again without any photos of the dishes (I mean the food, not the porcellain).

Focus on the food.
Doesn't this empty bowl capture the "satisfying" atmosphere really well?

For food porn I have to kindly ask you to google Viethao Vienna.
Thank you for your understanding.

The rare Viennese slang of the Vietnamese owner is also worth mentioning. And very entertaining. I hope this does not sound racist? I bet he is an Austrian citizen. Ok, now this is getting akward. Backpedal, backpedal!! Let me just say this: He speaks way better Viennese than I do.


Sorry for the inconvenient worm-posting. I am doing my best to push down those nasty worms to get them out of your sight.


  1. I never manage to take picks of the food either. It's like I get a brain blockage the moment food arrives on the table and I dig in ;-)

    But I think you could set a trend: photographing empty plates :-D

    1. Glad to read I am not alone :-)