Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fence me in - a new urban adventure

The worms are here! My love for the birds arrived at the next level.

I finally made it to the reptile centre this morning. I asked about the climbing skills of those worms, if they are likely to stay inside the box. While talking to him, I did my best to ignore all those creepy sounds that came from various boxes, piled around me on shelves in the dark - welcome to the reptile centre, a dark, mysterious world. Seriously!
The owner advised that two inches should work be fine, worms aren't the most talented climbers.
We had a nice chat on bird feeding, I did not know that the owner feeds birds in the city, too. Now I know. And I know why nuts are not the right diet for young birds: they are too fat.

Back home I poured the first worms into the DIY bird feeder where they drove nuts: worm heaven! A basin full of almond crumbs! They behaved almost ... ecstatic!
Will the 1-inch-barrier be able to prevent them from leaving?

The worms did not even bother to wait until I was out of their sight but immediately started to move towards the two corners of the box. (as seen in the 2nd picutre) 

Why would they do that? Were they on their way to construct worm pyramides? You know, like the human towers? 

My dears, never, never, ever underestimate anyone. Of course this also applies to worms. 
The wide range of my SIGMA DP2M never ceases to satisfy me – from the Forum Romanum straigt to worms. How versatile!

The worms would not tell me, what they were up to. As a consequence I ended up doing what human beings do best: place all possible mistrust in them and erect a second level barrier. Welcome to human nature.

Lets hope the higher barrier does not make this box too uncomfortable for the birds, when they come over and pick a snack.

Is this the best plan how to prevent conflicts with your neighbours?
I am not so sure about that. I, for my part, did close my kitchen window before I left the apartment. I don't want a worm party going on at home when I come back. Worms, just like all animals, are capable of doing the most marvellous things when we are not around. You knew that of course.

Coming home has never been more exciting.
Long live the cheap thrills. This one came for 2,50.


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