Sunday, 6 April 2014

Finally: the keyhole view of St.Peter's basilica

Our apartment in Rome was located at the foot of the Aventine hill. This left us with plenty time on our hands on our last half-day to explore the Aventine and even take a peek through the famous keyhole at the priory of the Knights of Malta. 
Here you can see why the keyhole is a celebrity. I took the photo through the keyhole.
Queuing up was already part of the spectacle. You could not oeverhear the wo German girls who appoached the queue. They argued really loud: "But I tell you, this is not the place. It is a window! 
The view is from a window, I have seen it on google!" Too many espressi maybe? 
So in case you googled this photo: Please be aware that what you see here is a view through a keyhole, there is no window involved.
It was acceptable to take a 2nd turn and queue up again for more shots. In case you wonder: Yes, I am very content with the outcome of the photo(s) I took. :-) And yes, it was me who invented the 2nd turn and no, it did not take long, until other visitors also started to take a 2nd turn. Hm. I get the feeling as if the queuing is getting too much attention.

I can not imagine how it must feel queuing up in the summer sun. I yes, I can imagine ... horrible!
Notice the couple to the right? They must be Romans. They rate sun over views. 

When you are already on top of the Aventin, don't miss the other attractions:
The garden with orange trees and beautiful view.
 You can see the same St. Peter's basilica from the terrace, but it's just not the same without keyhole.

Human nature's greed never ceases to amuse me. All the oranges from the lower branches had been picked by visitors of the garden. Here you see some oranges high up in the air:
 The visitors pick them, only to find out they don't taste good at all! These oranges are probably bitter oranges. You find the remains scattered on the grounds and grouped around fountains:
Orange trees is not all the Aventine has to offer.
 The Santa Sabina church next to the garden is very inviting. I am fond of modest ceilings.
Pastels form the Roman colour spectrum.
Old and new urban design side by side: Fiat 500 and a smart.

The Aventine hill is probably one of the most touristic spots you find in Rome. Still, the overall atmosphere was very relaxed. Apart from the two hysteric espressi gals :-)

The low hill is highly recommendated!

Oh, please, don't get tricked by the "finally" in the posting title. Rome is not coming to an and yet. I plan to stretch it until it is thin like a Roman pizza. 


  1. The atmospher in your photos is almost tangible :-) how I wish I could take a stroll and take in the sights and the sounds. You made it look so appealing!

    1. Looking at these photos I see the relaxed joy we felt after 10 days in Rome. What a success this vacation has been. :-)