Sunday, 13 April 2014

whereabouts Vienna: Running along the river bed

Sunday evening, time to recollect the temporary newpaper stands.

It seems I am not the only person who fancies a run. Only that I am not a runner. Every spring I start from Zero. I leave the couch and follow the "from couch to 5k" programme. The programme gets me from 0k to 5k in 9 weeks. No weakened immune system. No hurting joints. Success guaranteed. A mild winter and early spring allowed an early start, so I already arrived in week 4 by mid April. 

I have been following the programme since 2011. Every year I experience the fun and satisfaction of constant progress. Over the years a group of Couch25k postings gathered. 

Today I walked the route I would normally run/walk. In the evening the late sunlight creates nice lights. At the moment this is my favourite route. I enjoy the route, despite the polluted air, caused by heavy traffic. The route runs along the metro line 4, along the Wienfluss river and leads from Schönbrunn to Margaretengürtel. You will notice: there is a lot to see. Especially when you run on a slow path like I do. 

Lets start!

U4 station building Schönbrunn. Design: Otto Wagner, late 19th century
Looking East, metro tracks and the river bed to the left (the river is so small, you can't see it)
 Some parts of the route are a challenging

The Jugend&Volk publishing house building (destroyed in 2017)

 You'll have to take a close look to find the plants along the route

 A junction. We choose left.

 The route is busy throughout the day.

 Buildings across the river bed

A common setting

 Backyard along the route

A peek through the fence

The rear view of this building

 Mozart makes it everywhere

 A look back. In the distance you see the station building of Schönbrunn

The only unpleasant part of the route is where they overbuilt the river bed with a multy storey car park.

The building also hosts a fitness studio.

Every time I run past this bus stop, I see people waiting for the bus to arrive.

The nice light sets in.

 When I am lucky, the green lights await me.

Time check. Here you see the cause for the bad air. Traffic. Constant traffic. :-((

The closer to the city centre I get, the greener the route gets.

Social housing from the 1930's across the river be.

Running past the U4 station Längenfeldgass.

Fountain in Vienna. Well ...

Another look back

Yay, the bird is in controll!

A new hotel, not quite impressive. The traffic lane can be tricky to cross. 
8/10 times I am lucky and no cars get in my way.

A peek inside/through the metro station Längenfeldgasse.
The neuralgic spot: there the bicycle lane makes a 90°-turn and the promenade shrinks by 50%.
edit: it's not neuralgic anymore! They moved the bicycle lane.  

A popular shortcut

This is where cyclists test their skillfullness (see the gap in the rim?)

Danger zone: Please don't hurt your head.

Another danger zone: please don't run/cycle into me! 90°-turns are awful. 


This urban park was built in the middle of a former no man's land


White men can't jump? ;-)

A workshop under the highline 

You almost made it. 1 more km

An urban scene

One of my favourite views along the route

Where the Wienzeile meets the Gürtel. Surprisingly green.

The last station building, Margaretengürtel makes its first appearance

Main fire station Mariahilf

Another shortcut

Tram tracks heading northwest

A ridiculous bicycle lane. Please let us use the streets instead of this. Thank you. 
edit: the bicycle lane has been relocated.  

A not so impressive river in an impressive river bed

Colourful signs along the route

Playgrounds for the masses

The magnetism of bicycle lanes ;-)

I would guess that 11/10 people don't know Wackenroder-Brücke in Vienna.

To prevent any misunderstanding: I DO find this route very attractive. The rough charm is exactly to my liking. What I also like is how populated the route is. There is almost always something going on. 

Ahem. Those, who were bored beyond belief during the tour: I get to see these sights 3 times a week, twice! (return). ;-) 

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing the tour of hidden Vienna, the sights and locations toursits usually don't get to explore: we're so busy hopping from Hofburg to Prater to Stephansdom to Schönbrunn ;-) Thanks!