Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sweet after hours

Having spent most of today studying this in a classroom:
Interesting! Surprising! Depressing.

I am now busy trying to solve this:
Do we understand the men? Not so sure. Ruslana, my teacher will tell us tonight.

I am on my way to the Russian class. The craziest way to enjoy afterhours - with Russian grammar. We, us, our, ours, my, mine, me, me, I. Oh my!

The radio in the kitchen will have to wait for me. It greets me everyday and night with the weather of Hamburg. You might know how fond I am of the Hanseatic city at the Elbe.
I swear: I did not programme this weather show. It was like this from the very beginning.
The radio is from a German coffee company which also sells all kinds of goods. Their headquarters are based in Hamburg.
I guess that's why I have the pleasure to be reminded of the most elegant European city every single time I enter the kitchen:
 Yesterday it was 18°C  - at 11pm! A veritable heat wave. What is going on in Hamburg?
Shocking news: the flour worms were sold out at the Reptile centre, next delivery due Tuesday. I left the store in a state of shock. The big tit family can't wait  ...  today for the first time the baby birds showed up. The clean the DIY bird feeder like vacuum cleaners. Too exciting.

I am relieved that I'm good at googling. It did not take long until I found a reptile store which delivers flour worms anywhere I want to. So tomorrow I am going to receive fresh delivery of worms. The big tit family will be grateful. Mr Paula?
xaxaxaxaxa  (= Russian laughter, lets say evil Russian laughter)