Saturday, 12 April 2014

whereabaouts: Vienna Central Station

Today we had the pleasure of joining a tour around the new Vienna Central Station. It is almost completed and to be precise: there is no such thing as a new Central Station since this is the first Central Station in Vienna. There used to be South, West, Northwest Stations etc.

You remember, I have been here before.
This is a colour photo, no desaturation applied.
Pictured here: an underground crossing beneath the rail tracks
Interesting colour scheme, when colour becomes black and white. 
Those black panels are super clean, taking in regard this is still a construction site. Lotus effect mabye?
The writing on the wagon (bottom left corner) appears to be a copyright - just like you find them on photos. Can you see what I see?
What kind of locomotive is this?! A prototype? Coolnessfactor: 11/10
Very much to my surprise the tented roof does provide support. 
Seen from the outside it sems open, but when you stand on the platform, you feel protected.

Architecture: Albert Wimmer, Ernst Hoffmann (Vienna) and theo hotz partner (Zurich)

The traffic is still very moderate, laid back. This is a testing phase, the station has not been completet yet and most of the platforms are not operating yet.
The new railway headquarter, almost completed.

Hopefully the new station will have an positive impact on the neighbourhood. The public space in front the the station, facing south does not look too promising, not too inviting, to explore the neighbourhood. But as I mentiond above: the station is still under construction, it is too early for opinions.
This tower provides spectacular views. Bahnorama is made of wood and already 4 years old.
The trip up to the top platform costs approx. 2,50 EUR. Recommended!
  Oh, the cute little wagon. Isn't it adorable?!
Almost like a lonley cute ... worm to be picked ... CUT. Note to myself: spend less time with worms.
It does not take long and your eyes start to wander, who does not love to find orientation from a unfamiliar spot. Where is the city centre?  From left to right: Votiv church, Minorites church, St. Charles' church, St. Peter's church, St. Stephen's cathedral, St. Elisabeth church ...

Now could anyone please explain his black/red cube to me? I was not aware of its existence. 
How pleasant: an assembly hangar.

This area is called Quartier Belvedere. In the distance you can see a modest tower. It forms a new landmark in front of the 21er haus, the new museum of contemporary art, formerly known as 20er haus. I am going to dedicate another posting to the 21er haus. 
Once again, the tower

In case you want to visit the vast lands around the Central Station: the tram D's final stop is right in the middle of nowhere.
Gorgeous setting

The tour took over 3 hours and it was ... refreshing! So was the mango salad at Viethao and the Week 4 / Day 2 schedule from the "From Couch to 5k" programme. 

How was your Saturday?

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