Friday, 2 April 2010

285 years ago ...

another day, another window.

This time not in a Café but at my workplace. In 1725, 285 years ago, architects had built the building where I go to work today. This type of windows is named "Kastenfenster" (Kasten as Closet, Fenstser as Window), since the inside and outside form a closet.
In winter we store our Smoothies in this "closet" :-)

I will probably try to get better views. To me this type of window is an ordinary window.

People in Vienna have been opening and closing these windows, mainly throwing garbage out of the window while Geishas prepared tea in Old Edo, Benjamin Franklin urged the colonies to join together during the French and Italian war and Queen Maria Theresia installed compulsary education. What a visionary ( © FF) woman she was!

The wood is refurbished, the window the same as it ever was. I feel like posting more of the windows in Vienna, soon.

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