Saturday, 3 April 2010

doing what tourists do: taking pictures

Since the city is flooded with tourists, I decided to go with the flow. So today I post some pictures of my homecity, seen through the eyes of a tourist.
Well, it starts on the tourist's track, later on some less known but imho nevertheless charming spots are to be pictured.

In the middle of the square shown above actually again a footprint of Hans Hollein. You see the lowrise-stone-wall. Behind that are Roman settlements. They have been found and of course needed to be preserved. Hollein was in charge of the design of the public space. and the wall of stone.

Next comes the museum of of history of fine arts. We don't have a sea to look at when the sun sets. But a building like this which turns pink and yellow in the sunset.

Maria Theresia, I brought her up the previous posting. Here she is, again. Guarding the two museums (fine arts and natural science are on the left and right of her).

And a look from the back, towards the city center.
Her BMI was probably twice the BMI compared to High WASPS.

Here once more, Maria Theresia.

Maria is actually a very common 2nd Name in Austria. Like in Klaus Maria Brandauer. You might know him from James Bond and The Russia House.
... or Werner Maria Rilke. Another Maria.
You get the 2nd name once you are baptised. Klaus' grandmother probably was named Maria. He was probably baptised by his grandmother. Since lots of Grandmothers used to be named Maria and grandmothers used to be the god-mothers back then. Their mothers probably still were proud of Maria Theresia? Anyway. Earlier, that's history. And a bit of Easter-spirit on this blog. (Easter? Of course! it isn't just about bunnies and eggs)

I hope, this shop wont be history too soon:

Walter Weiss. Selling brushes of all kinds. Somehow this window reminds me of the shopwindow with the easterbunnies I posted earlier. Probably because they are both very oldfashioned.

Old-fashioned but nevertheless very much a la mode is this season's Roeckl window:

Now I am leaving the tourist's track.

These grains are part of the big construction site close to the city center. A department store gets a facelift:

Mr Paula and I enjoy the "rough" arcade a lot. The arcade was built to protect us from the construction site and thos myriads of grains.

I mean just look at the spotlights they installed! (you only see the reflection on the floor, the actual spot is out of sight on this picture). The illumination could hardly look any better in my kitchen.

I wish we would have permanent arcades in Vienna. Like Torino/I has. Arcades to protect us from the sun and rain and wind. Meanwhile I enjoy what I've got, the temporary face-lift arcade. And channel a fancy construction site on Omotesando.

Happy Easter!

ps: I feel so slow publishing on this blog - it takes me 40 min. :-I

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