Thursday, 15 April 2010

coffee and delicous cakes

we fell in love with the perfect shape of the water-glas.
and of course the coffee ...

we obviously love wearing cocktailrings:

at night, when I have some energy reserves, you find me in the kitchen ...
since it snowed not only on the mountain tops but also at 1000m I decided to give the cocoa-muffins a chilling finish.

would there be any colour being cooler than silver? the silver stuff is suger. next time I put 3x as much on it.


  1. Your comments on other blogs always intrigue me, so I had to come visit...and am so enjoying your posts!

    I will never achieve your impeccable nails or vintage Pucci, but when it comes to admiring delectable water glasses, cupcake toppings, or greenery I am there.

  2. Hello Vix! you make me smile! you know, sometimes I feel like "well, who am I writing this for?" does anybody at all step by? And thank also for the "impeccable" nails. I spent lots of my brains and my time on getting them to the point they are now. (hope I got this right, since english is not my native language)

    Well for a vintage-Pucci it probably takes a man with style. I had such a man once and received the dress as a gift, decades ago. I should really get started, looking for a "new vintage", since this wont make it much longer.

    As long as I still have this black curtain hanging down, I should probably take more dress-pictures of some other vintage stuff (mum's, 1970's) since black suits colors so nicely.

    I am sure there will be many more things to come on this blog, which will meet your interests. :) until then, thank you again for your visit & posting!