Friday, 16 April 2010

denim and routines

This ad caught my eye. I never paid attention to pearls other then white. But seeing this ad I kind of fall for them.
Whoever is wearing them right now surely enjoys them around the neck. Timeless with class.

The spirit of this ad brings me to the time when my mum got this pochette. She must have been about 3-5 years younger than I am now. Now call this a long-term investment! Unfortunately we can be sure the new pochettes will not last that long. boo hoooo.

I have had it in a box in the basement, dusty and rusty. I washed and cleaned it inside out, now it has the status of a nice little companion in my bathroom.

Washing and cleaning brings me to my face.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil led me to my first international ebay-transaction EVER. I bought this from HONG KONG. it took weeks, months until it arrived due to customs.

After months of pumping foundation on the back of my hand, dabbing the brush into it and finally stippling it to my face I had this genius idea (partly long term memomory of a youtube video I once watched where make up artists use ceramics as a palette. I started pumping the foundation on this little dessert-plate. It is fun! Like oil-paining. Well, I actually are painting, just not with oil, since I prefer oil-free foundations :-)

The brush in the background as well as the DHC result from makeupalley. Where would I be without the trillions of postings and reviews you find there. MUA (short for Makeup Alley) empowered me to spend a month's income on Make Up (ok, I had literally nothing in my drawer back then except lipstick and eyeshadow). Now I am what you could call well stocked. It is easy to look great, glowing and stunning with High End Make Up in your face. I will probably never return to Drugstore Brands. What I like most about High End MakeUp is the service you get in the perfumeries and department stores. The Sale Assistents choose for you, put lipstick-strokes on THEIR backs of their hands, have lots of ideas on their mind and they choose right. I will write a posting on some goodies I found thanks to gifted Sale Assistants. And of coure I am NOT immune to a Make Up Artist from Bobby Brown who adores my Armani Maesstro mascara so much :-D
Whatever boosts the immune system during a long winter works for me!

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