Monday, 5 April 2010

more colours

yes, these cars are still around:

This old stuff is not around anymore. a very efficient de-cluttering sunday afternoon in the basement:

You never know when a colour will be gone. Like Kanebo's "Amaretto" was. Just like all Kanebos nailpolishes were. Amaretto dates from the mid-1990's!

This is the closest I could get to Amaretto - OPI Barefoot in Barcelona.

Not so bad, no? If you know better dupes, please tell me!

The kitchen offered a special menue today:

Did you notice the toothbrush?
Yes, I did my best to reach all the corners in the windowframe. Martha Stewart recommends toothbrushes. Unfortunately she does not say which brand works best. On windowframes. Colgate does not. (the pictures where taken before the makeover)

After having a few of these, I might need a toothbrush, to clean my teeth for a change.

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