Wednesday, 28 April 2010

spring - final level part I

As soon as the horsechestnuts start to bloom, spring soon turns into summer.
This tree grows in a court where I work. The horses had a meaning, 200 years ago, the emperor put his hundreds of horses up here. Cavalry and so ...

No time to loose, here come the bow-stockings. Those wondering, where they come from, I "portraied" them already around Easter. Back then I only owned them in khaki and decided to get the bold color, too. Have been well adviced by a fashion-expert in town, Liane, to go for bold. :-x

As you can see I am not very experienced in selfportraits below the waistline. The "shooting" ended up in a sort of bizarre Ashtanga-Yoga, I spare you the pics.


  1. Trust me, I know exactly what you mean about the "yoga" contortion photos, ha!

    The blue bow-stockings are so not me, but I am strangely drawn to them. It helps that I love the way you paired them with the black and white/cream. Sharp vs sweet, stylish vs Lolita.

    I think Liane gave you good advice...I bet you had some admiring glances and/or comments today!

  2. Vix, yes, lots of comments but also smiles.
    btw: the color is actually cream, not white. compliment you figured that out.

    here you can see the skirt, no yoga, plain hook-style:

  3. what a beautiful photo!
    lovely building.
    its always special when the buildings have a historic meaning.
    i wish we had more older buildings in melbourne.