Sunday, 4 April 2010

brown on beige

J&V - Jugend & Volk - you see it on the building in the back - has been a publisher who offered a readers-club for teenagers.

I went there with friends from my class. We had fun there and knew what we did was nerdy. Reading books and meeting and talking about the books. At 13. How cool was that.
The publisher does not exist any more, neither the logo/brand. I was pleased to see the brand is still up on the facade. brown on beige.

We went there by public transport. My father recently wondered what would happen if he leaves his grandchildren in the city center. Would they find their way back home by public transport?
They are not to blame since it is the parents who drive them. Everywhere.

Another beige parking on front of the Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens. In the back you find the retro-boutiques from the Moda Piu-posting earlier.

Since I've started taking pictures for this blog, I notice how many not-yet-refurbished corners this city still provides. Funny, because the feeling is another: that everything is gone and the investores change the face of the whole city.

FF, this picture is for you:
I don't own a private garden. But the city of Vienna supports us Viennese with "our gardens":

the flowers in the front, not the rear. The rear still needs to be done.
The gardeners who plant seasonal plants are not well paid. But they work in teams and seem to have a good time, gardening the city.

Yesterday I complained how long it takes me to publish a posting. Today I noticed: it is the uploading of the pictures which takes so long. I might rescale the pics, smaller = faster.

Hope you enjoy spring as I do!

btw: is it "since it IS the parents who drive them" or "since it ARE the parents who drive them". I am not sure ... pluralform "parents" needs "are", but "is" sounds more natural to me. uagh.

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