Wednesday, 21 April 2010

spring - next level

The flowers in "Unsere Gärten" (= public flower-beds in town) surprise me, every day a new climax.

Right across the tax office, you find this beauty. I strongly recommend zooming in: doubleclick on the image and then zoom in further more.
delicious petals in fuchsia and purple!

These blossoms mirror my mood after turning in my "return of tax", since I am looking forward to finding some money returning to my bank account.

The trees are just amazing, like snow in spring. So japanese.
Don't you think this looks like an artificial snow installation, somewhere in Kyoto?


  1. Hi Paula -- I was dropping my to leave a comment on the gorgeous tulip beds you showed yesterday but then these beauties caught my eye first.

    That's a beautiful planting of the white-blossomed (cherry?) trees. We have similar in the Pacific Northwest, but we often have fierce rain soon after they bloom and so we end up with "sidewalk blossoms!" Still pretty, but a mess--so I will hope for clear skies and long-lasting beauty for you all. And a large tax refund!

  2. Day 6 - still bright skies, full bloom. What fascinates me and Mr Paula: The tulips are still there, no vandalism at all. Do people respect public property more when it is really beautiful?

    I will stay on the track, hunting signs of spring in Vienna :)
    thank you so much for linking to the tulipes blanches :-*

  3. love it, so perfect

  4. Vix, yes, the white blossomed trees are cherries, flowering cherries, just like in Kyoto. :)

    Stacy, thank you for reading this posting!