Thursday, 8 April 2010


You are gonna love this post! Well, at least I hope so. The colours make me very happy, so Easter-spirited.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. ok?

it all starts with finally squeaky-clean windows.

after the windows I need some energy!

I might have looked at those easter-m&m's way too long, because I bought some colors I never bought before. At least not for my LEGS! or better: My legs turn to m&m-lEGGs.

I did not buy the yellow socks, my skin is way too pale to match the yellow. I decided to get the khaki-coloured ones. (see below, end of posting)

so many ideas how to wear those capris: with my Y3 skirt, navy blue shorts, Pucci vintage dress ...

I fell in love with these repp bows on the navyblue-capris I bought yesterday:

ahhh, those bows! :)
First I was very unsure if I should get the stockings (under-knee-lenght). In the end I could not resist.

tomorrow I will feel blue. more to come ...

Am I the only one with this problem: whenever I upload a picture to a posting, it hops on the top of the posting, it never arrives at the spot I want it to be, where my curser is. How could I change this? Did I oversee anything important?


  1. me too! it is so fragile - vintage and you can see how the fibre is breaking slowly but steadily. I need to find a vintage-pucci-dealer in town. Happy we share this little passion :)