Thursday, 8 July 2010

Come in!

Today I am going to show you what I have been hiding for weeks: the renovation-project. It started in March, when we decided to renovate the appartment and painted the first swatches on the wall
I will start in the kitchen and one corner of the sleeping room since there are still some boxes waiting to be unpacked in other corners of the appartment.

Looking at this photo I get the impressions I am living in a huge marshmellow:

I love the view at the renovated white door frames and doors.

Pink, very pale pink is the sleeping room's colour.
The pink hue is actually so pale you can hardly tell the difference between the white ceiling and the pink walls.

Here you can see the corner before the renovation:

The black curtain is not a joke! I did not know back then that IKEA sells white blinds which block the sunlight as well as this black curtain. The pink swatch was a test which went well: 10/10 points for pink!

There used to be a Ligne Roset Fauteil in the corner, it found its new home in the new reading corner in the living room and made space for my brandnew dressing table:

I am still undecided how much to cut from the curtain. It is luscious as it is right now.
There had been no sockets before, no bed-light (you see 1 of the two in the mirror!). Which equals lots of dirt and lots of work. Since we had to go through it, you should see this, too:

one of the two new sockets for the bed-lights:

A turn to the kitchen.
There had been no light at all when I cut vegetables in front of the window:

This proves how IKEA can upgrade your cooking and make you feel like a maître within an instant - the instant you turn the lights on. I really enjoy this crisp and clear light.
Even the living room missed light!
No, I am not ashamed to say "yes, we literally lived like efts and olms. :-)
This bulb had been installed during the renovation.

And this is the new status quo:

The hanging lamps need to be a bit shorter but we have fun, sitting at the table and looking for the face vis a vis behind the lamp.

I chose the lamps very freely, having on my mind that it is the socket that counts. What ever hangs down can be changed easily anytime. Funny though those quick catches seem to be the right ones!

The follow up posting will be dedicated to the 3 welcome gifts the appartment had ready(*) when I moved back in. Well, one of the 3 gifts is actually on the outside and it was my brother-in-law who gave it to me at my birthday at it was me who wished for it.

More to come!

Thank you for reading! I create this for you :)

(*)Yes - this works, fooling yourself and deeply believing it wasn't you but actually the appartment "who" wanted to express its joy and spread gifts around the place.

Ps: please tell me: does it take you as long as it takes me to publish one single posting?
30 min is absolute minimum :-0

Exciting news: after 4 decades of being a brunette, turning grey in the last decade, I will become an middle/ash-blonde tomorrow morning and at the same time dying my hair for the first time in my life. The procedure starts 9am CET. You have no idea HOW excited I am. It must be the metall-tiger, who triggers bold actions like this.


  1. love the apartment-congratulations! Good luck with Going Blonde!

  2. Hello FF, thank you for coming in! :)

    I also received comments from cottonsocks and Vix, I have no clue why they don't show up.
    It must have been the problem others had, too.

    So, thank you for stepping by!

  3. Trust me, I know how exciting these "ordinary" pictures of lights and outlets are!


    Smart you, painting the bedroom walls the faintest pink to reflect a healthy glow on your face. If you want to take the next step and turn your sleeping room into a "boudoir," just add pink lightbulbs....

    Congrats on the improvements. And for being intelligent enough to move out of the place while they were being done, ha!