Thursday, 22 July 2010

Things that make me happy - Part I


today I am in a happy mood.

happy # 1
Had an appointment at the eye specialist. I need more dioptres.
Other people might be upset when they hear these news. Me? No way! I am glad there is a reason I felt uncomfortable during the past weeks.
At the appointment I read the tiniest writings on boxes with big pleasure. I absolutely enjoy a good sight and feel quite miserable when I loose it.

happy # 2
Watching men with funny thin legs cycling around France used to make me very happy. Especially on hot days when I shut the heat out with the blinds.
I fell in love with the landscapes. Pyrenees, French Alps ... It feels good, being still up-to-date. Flecha, Sastre and many more familiar names are still there. Also the french caravans along the road, almost dropping from the mountains. There is nothing like a tradition. Even when its doped. (sorry for that)

Allez! Allez Allez!
Farewell Lance! I really liked the US Postal-Dresses

happy # 3
I have been looking for a picture but could not find a motif for my third happy mood: it occurs as soon as I roll past a construction site on my bike and sense the cool air coming from the wet concrete. Still wet concrete in a hot summer city - a perfect air conditioning system. Unfortunately it only lasts for an instant. Maybe I cycle too fast.

happy #4
No appointment tonight!
yesterday I met a former friend from university. At the Rathausplatz - a big square in front of the city hall.
She used to go there ever since, I rather meet friends on quiet places. Especially when you haven't seen them in 10 years. The actual problem were the oversexed men around her. Stupid conversation, they might call it jokes. I feel akward when I listen to them, like being in the wrong place. Definitely wrong place. What actually showed me one thing: being 38 I can no longer under no circumstances deny where I stand and where I don't belong.

Standing there and politely waiting for them to stop with their jokes – so my friend and I could continue our conversation – I kept wondering if I would and/or should write anything negative about the evening on this blog. What if I pass this link to my former friend from university some day in the near future? Well, since those men where not an acquaintance by chance, but actually friends of hers, chances are that I will not pass the blog-link to her. And I actually keep the negativity to a minimum by not quoting what those men said.

Reference image: Oversexed man. bah.

Farewell Rathausplatz !

but hello ....
Hello housekeeping!

happy #5
having detergents and cleaning supplies in super-cool bottles around me at home - this is something to be happy about.

This picture is a happy #5-teaser. More to come!

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  1. Paula ~ We are building the little house right behind the home we are living in now. We will tear this house down as soon as we can get in the new house. My husband owns his own construction company so he is just taking some time off to build our home,