Sunday, 25 July 2010

Things that make me happy - Part II

How did I end up with high end, prestige detergents?

Want a close look?

At the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna there is a fancy design shop. Two years ago (yes, call me the elephant brain) they had these bottles on display. A few weeks ago I have been searching for a Lampe Berger-retailer and at the company's website I found The Laundress, again. At first it was a black bucket in retro design which caught my eye. Way too expensive though.

But since The Laundress had caught my eye I visited the companies website, wanted to know more about this company and immediately felt sympathies for their approach.
Organic ingredients instead of chemicals. Yes, vinegar!

They prefer washing instead of drycleaning. Clothes are meant to be washed, dry cleaning is a waste of energy. A wealthy friend once recommended a first class dry cleaner. I went there only to find out they did not manage to remove the sauce-stains from my woolen pants.
When you wash delicate fabrics, you should use the best detergents. That's the way The Laundress does it. That's also the way Faux Fuchsia does it!

And then I splurged...

Who would want an ordinary detergent in a huge box when you can comfort your eye AND nose with this bottle instead:

This pink wool-shampoo looks like a hazard to any delicate fabric

I guess I am at the core of their target group.
And I see myself buying lots of cashmere this fall, only for having the occasion to wash them.

The Laundress is old-fashioned. You won't get the all-in-one product but will have to start a procedure. The detergent did not remove stains by simple laundring when I tried it first.
First you use a stain-remover, then soak it in a bleach-alternative product and THEN launder.
Yes, that's a job. But it is soothing and somehow relaxing. And, it feels good, taking care of your wardrobe. And it makes sense: why wash everything with a harsh detergent if you have only a few stains? So this is what I do.

I also got myself something to get rid of the small in my arm pits. *yieks* Cycling all year long, I need a good detergent to get rid of the smell in the armpits, even after laundring the smell is still there if not treated before laundring, especially when it comes to 100% Polyester!

First I soaked my smelly arm pits in scented vinegar.

After soaking comes the laundring. Well, this is probably an image you have never seen before: a washing machine!

Reference image: laundring the Whites

I won't show you how I sniffled at the arm pits afterwards, I can only assure you the scent is nice!
Amazing. This top has been around for years. It is H&M and still sparkles.

The Laundress is an eco-company selling eco products.
Too bad I am way to smart to neglect the fact that it is NOT eco buying detergents made in he US, shipped to the EC.
The Laundress is cheaper than conventional stuff. Well, maybe this is true in the US.
Their dishwasher-detergent costs 20 times more than the drugstore detergent when I buy it in the EC.
The dishwasher detergent would be sweet: I could use it for handwashing and the machine, a two-in-one product. Plus it is scented with natural oils. Is this benefit worth the price? Having only 1 bottle instead of 1 bottle+1box in the kitchen? I say no. For the moment. The charming lady at the shop where I splurged warned me: this stuff is HIGHLY addictive. Yep!

The two gals from The Laundress said something like "create a luxurious experience for a necessary domestic chore." I can agree with that :)


  1. In my opinion, luxury dish soap is one of the best bliss/$$$ ratios to be found:).

  2. Oooh, you and your fancy tea-party-worthy laundry soap AND armpit sniffing are killing me!

    Too funny.

    Glad are happy with your new stuff. I am a scent-free + Oxyclean gal (machine) or barely-scented shampoo gal for hand washables. When all else fails with odor, I spray vodka (yes vodka) on the offending zone.

  3. LPC, what an enabler you are! I need to check out the soap with another sample-package. It did not clean the dishes in-depth. Since I drink lots of black tea at the moment, those mugs are a tough in the dishwasher.

    Vix, I never tried vodka. Good to know! I only knew it kills germs in your throat. Multipurpose-products are nice!

  4. Dear Paula, what a wonderful post and right up my street as recently I have been considering buying some of these products as they sound delicious and I spend a lot of time with my washing are a good/bad influence! xx P.S as you can see I am having great fun catching up on your blog I had no idea you had been blogging away like this. Your blog is great, I love it!

  5. Blighty, you should give The Laundress a try. I might spoil myself witht the luxurious dishwater detergent. I mean after more than 1 month it is still on my mind! Today I just used the sport spray to freshen up a sweater, yes, this stuff works great. And looks even better as you can see in the pictures.
    Thank you for complimenting this blog, that is very flattering.