Sunday, 4 July 2010

Revealing Early-Mid-Summer

Hi there!


I am back in town, moved into the newly renovated appartment.
So many photos wait in line.

I will start with a reveal.

One month back we had our opening night with our theatre-play, a non-pro-ensemble. In the audience many friends and family but not only. We had fun. Not all the time, since it isn't the easiest thing for adults to spend so much of your spare free-time in humid cold cellars. Those cellars were official rehersal venues for professional actors. I could hardly believe what professional actors have to go through.

This is one of the 16 costumes I wore during the 1h40mins play. This is very very pink!
The play is already way back. What remains is the little gift I received from my best friends mother.
I really like this tradition - flowers and/or sweets for the actors. I hope this tradition is a tradition in your home-country, too!

Since it is really exciting receiving such a gift after an evening on stage, I savoured the unwrapping, having exactly this posting on my mind where I would post the photos once I returned to my appartment = broadwidth :)

See the handcraft plissee of the wrapping-paper!

And inside: a chest of drawers!
This chest of drawers is the traditional design from the company "Altman & Kühne"
As you can tell by the leaflet, this company is very old-school:
But they keep up with the times, the leaflet is bilangual:, hehe

The chocolates in the second drawer are already very petite but the chocolates in the top drawer are exceptional tiny!

Lets take a close look:

I thought maybe you might not really get the tinyness, so I decided to show a measuring unit.

The chocolate was best before July, so the chest of drawers made it back to my home being empty.

For those who are not uptodate: I have been offline and away from home for 5 weeks due to renovations works in my appartment. Well, I should say our appartment, since I have been living here together with Mr Paule for the last 10 years!

Back home the little chest of drawers found it's place within a second:

This picture shows a tiny bit of the dressing table I bought 2 months ago at IKEA.

And finally, the whole table, at home, not IKEA any more :-)

Inside the well arranged polish-stack.

Inbetween is NUBAr Sky Sparkle. Turquois Glitter on my nails. Hm. My way dealing with upcoming midlife-crisis? Not so sure but enjoying it and having fun with glittering nails in the summer-sun.

This Nubar polish is the perfect supplement for this Nara Camicie blouse:

Nara Camicie found me thanks to Lisa aka LPC. Read here why.
The boutique in Vienna is so well hidden, you have to literally search it, no chance to step by accidently.

Since this is a posting of reveals, i will reveal a bit of myself, too:

hohoho, I am not used to posing. So this unnatural posure is my way of posing natural. haha!

These are my toes, waiting for the commuter.train. The train only takes 16 minutes to the center of Vienna. It would take 4times that long by car due to heavy traffic in the morning.

Inside the train I am channeling Japanese Office Ladies, OL:

ahhh - finally, Summer!

This is the trainstation on my way back, leaving the city in the evening, 7.30pm:

After a long day at work the deckchair awaited me in the outskirts of Vienna. (*)

Yes, Nubar Sky Sparkle does not only match with Nara Camicie but with pools, too:

THANKS to my friend the renovation-project turned out to be a pleasant experience, letting us stay in her garden-house.
I really enjoyed taking pictures in her garden after work.

I feel like posting in the outskirts and the place I stayed, more to come!

(*) this photo is the only fake, you can tell by the light in the background. I shot it the next morning :-)

Thank you for stepping by after such a long period of silence there is more to come.

Have a good start into this new summer-week. Well, at least in the northern hemisphere!


  1. Oh, I was so happy to see that little "1" pop up next to your name when I opened my Google Reader!

    And you don't disappoint, even if you tease a bit by holding out on most of your renovation photos.

    Everything about the chocolates is exquisite -- what an amazing gift to receive. Though I kind of hate you because I now want a vat of sweets. Love the two tones in the shirt -- blue skies, hurrah! -- and you are a much more adventurous nail polish wearer than I.

    Looking forward to more....

  2. welcome back!
    those chocolates in the little chest are soooooo super cute!
    i bet they taste delicious!
    i wish i was enjoying the european summer right now.
    it is v cold here in Melbourne.
    I would love to go to vienna one day. i heard the cakes are the best!

  3. Hmmmm, stopped by to say you have upped the bar on comments with *your* comments to me---and now see my initial response to this wonderful post isn't showing.

    [Though I hear Blogger is being bad this week.]

    If it doesn't turn up, I echo the "Welcome Back," am thinking you received a most wonderful gift, hate you for having exquisite chocolates on hand, envy the two-tone blue blouse, and admire your nail polish verve. Among other things....

    I've also looking forward to your next installments!

  4. cotton socks, yes, the cakes in Vienna truly are seducing. My best friend and me love to meet at those places, just like the golden girls do. Except we dare to order whipped cream :)

    Vix, it makes me truly happy, knowing you're around here. I have to admit, the bears and other compagnons have not been settled yet. At the moment they spend most of the day staring out of the window, admiring the new plants (posting July 12)