Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ways to work - Part I

Leaving the house in the morning on a golden rug of lime-tree-seeds. Crisp crackle pop it makes when you walk or ride over them.

Warning, this posting starts starts poetic and comes to a very shallow end.

The hue reminds me of my "new"hair.
This still is poetic: stepping out of the house, comparing the morning-sun-on-lime-tree-seeds ... and look at the play of light and shadow. So poetic. So my day started with a decent niveau.

Oh, before I forget: Mr Paula and me already moved again. This time to my parents place who are away for summer. Our appartment stays impeccable and the burglers have to keep their hands off my parents' goods. They live in the outskirts. Not as far as the last residence had been, lets say, half way. But also in the beautiful west of Vienna.
So this is "Ways to work Part I". Other ways will follow.

I have my cam around my neck, ready to point and shoot while riding the bike.
It is a 6km ride. Today I will feature the first 4 km

This is km 0.5: My old school, an annex from the 1930's by Schalm-Theiss:
This is one of the numerous elegant residential houses in the neighbourhood

At this point, I already crossed the "Wien", a small stream flowing from the west to the city center.
You can find traces of former suburbian villages in the now densly neighbourhood:

Shopwindows like this are rare in 2010:

But I checked it out, it was not dusty or anything so this IS 2010.

The outside of this building would surely make friends with the inside of my appartment:

This is a place where kids used to hang out the weekends before computer games existed:
The huge, 100yrs old museum for technical sciences. The recent director modernised it,
and it still is fun going there.

When I was a small kid, my grandfather went with me and I crawled around the collectiom of huge, impressive steam engines they had lined up in the park next to the museum. Some steam engines date back from 1840! An open air museum of steam engines in the city. This adventure is past. Today they are digging out the earth for a multi-storey parkinglot, accompanying the to-be-built multi-storey hotel and the engines are housed inside.

They also show a Kaplan turbine. How my grandfather and father always pointed out this turbine.
I did not get it, why this should be so spectatular. In terms of "Sons of a Country", Mr. Kaplan was important, no doubt. And compared to the Austrians famous for their soft skills, such as inventing psychoanalysis and waltz, "we" should be very proud of every single engineer who invented something like the Kaplan turbine.

Since entering the new terrain of blonde, I am figuring out which colors flatter me.
I am happy to announce Blake Lively could become my major inspiration: long blonde hair yet natural. She had times when her hair had a much warme tone. And I will become "cooler".

Popissima, the Beauty Boomer is an inspiration and lots of fun with her "30 days to 10 years younger". I never found such usefull tipps before. She saved me from buying a scarf and turn towards the shawls instead. Yeah, shawls! Cotton shawls. Cotton shawls form H&M were the 25 years-younger shop til they drop.

"So pick a celebrity who's the right age--10 to 15 years younger--and use her as your style guru."
Those 30 days are *****. Check them out! Here you find the overview.

Could be, I had Popissima on my mind, when I picked Blake as my colour-inspiration. A woman in her late 30's choosing a celebrity as colour-icon.

PS; I noticed I tag many postings with the label "Colour". Plants, Hair, Walls, Cars, Stockings ... colour everyhwere.
Is there any science/profession - except painting - where you are a specialist on colours? A science would be nice. Maybe as a Chromologist. At least there already is a question out there in the net. It probably lacks the science.


  1. You are on a roll with these posts. Keep that camera handy!

    I'm very envious you get to go live someplace ELSE that's wonderful, though I wonder if you miss your "new" place since you just got back there?

    I am trying to see you as Blake Lively, queen of the short skirts and mix of natural + daring cleavage...yes, if I squint I can "go there." So far *your* version of mid-life crisis looks good on you (though it's making mine look very staid, dammit).

    Re color: Pantone -- -- is very regimented about it. Many people know about their cross-industry standards for color-matching, but their Pantone Color Institute studies how "color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions."

    I think you were wondering what colors you should wear now that you are a blonde?

    If you were wearing the right ones for your skin before, keep wearing them...just look for others you may have ignored that also look good with your complexion. You can pick the shades that set off your hair a bit differently, but it's the skin that matters.

    Since you're now a cool-toned blonde vs disrupting your natural harmony with warm shades, it should all fall into place!

  2. Hi Vix!

    I am not sure yet - if I had a cool toned complexion with warm toned hair before and now switched to cool+warm or of I always was "warm"? Research shows it is really tricky. Bobby Brown is said to be very talented when it comes to complexions.
    Right now I am getting the tan of my life which changes everything and is confusing at the same time. Blush pops out like it never did before. As if the face does not need any more colour when it "pigments" by itself. However, in my pink pyjamas I just noticed how flattering pink actually is. I do the colour-play: holding various T.shirts in different colours close to the face and deciding spontaiouisly. And I have to admit, those colours which always worked . they are still looking good.
    There is this cute colour-chart in my purse. It shows which colours suit me. In the past I always chose the darker tones. a dark raspberry instead of the pale pink, marine instead of light blue, etc. I am heading towards the pastells.

    And somehow I feel like my perfume-style might change, too. Today I had this craving for Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi.

    yes, Pantone! of course!! thank you for pointing it out.

    I will take some pics of my hair in the sun, to get closer to its "nature".
    The lime-tree-seeds are actually quite close.
    Today, riding the bike I noticed how cool the head stays since it does not absorb the sun's energy like dark hair does. I love this!

    All in all I could not figure out a better time for this step but summer time.