Monday, 12 July 2010

Hair ! and other gifts from heaven

Here comes the hair, my new hair, the hair in the year of the metal-tiger. ROARRRR.
I did not like the idea of me in the future, age 90 on my deathbed, lying there and regretting that I was never blonde. Because I always worried. Like many do who never dyed their hair before.

Well, something drove me. Probably the beautiful images of beautiful Australien women in the blogsphere. Yes, Faux Fuchsia, yes, Cottonsocks!

Considering the main work had been done without ammoniac (no stingy smelling during the procedure - INOA), I am impressed by the result. Plus the immediate shine after a 5 hours treatment.
Do you want to visit Vienna and miss a whole day of sightseeing, ask me! I can tell you how to spend 5 hours doing nothing. :) But updating on the fashion-magazines-front.



It is not platin, more like a ash-medium-blonde.
The color/s look different, depending on the light:

I managed to find some traces of Cate Blanchett. Well, she really IS blonde. But not always.

Do you know the sensation when you - for example - buy a red car. All of a sudden see only red cars. Everone drives a red car. You never noticed, how many red cars there are.
Well, this is what I am experiencing now. I feel like I'll have to reread all the fashion-magazines since I never cared about
- Blondes
- The colours they wear

A whole new world evolves around me.

And since I want my hair to remain shiny and I trust my styilst way more than I trust investment-bankers, I decided to invest into "treatment":

See the blue background! Who doesn't love the l'heure bleue.

The freshly arrived trio immediately made friends with Japanese corner in the brand new reading corner, no intercultural difficulties at all:

The laquer-tray was way too seducing, the hair mask which behaved anything but shy:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In the last posting I mentioned 3 gifts I received from my appartment because I took care of it so well.

# 1. nature on the 5th floor in downtown Vienna

Plants in front of the window + curtains = Love

# 2. The streetsmart pochette

"Azur", a pattern by LV, had been on my mind for over a year. It took that long to figure out, the Pochette is the design which compliments Azur best:

In front of the mirror of the dressing table in the bedroom:

There is this slight pink hue reflecting from the bedroom walls. Nice!

# 3. atmosphere
This is NOT an oil-lamp but a Lampe Berger

You let it burn for 2 minutes

then you blow out the flame and put the lid you see left in the picture on top. The catalyzer starts working and all the air in the room becomse puryfied. The liquid is also available without scent, what I prefer. (cough cough cough)

Vix (Building a colorful life) posted this impressive building with blue sky, I like to greet her with this less amazing but still eyecathing building & sky:
The building is opposite my hairsalon. It is the last picture I took as a brunette.
Yes, streets in Vienna are like this! And yes, they are quite deserted.

There is no cooking in this posting since we had over 90° F.


  1. I LOVE your hair! It's beautiful!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Love your blog!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. YES!Stock up on your favorite bra if you think they are going to be gone! ( :
    Thank you for your comment!
    Have a pretty night!

  3. I go away for a few days and come back to you as a blonde plus all sorts of other visual offerings, including a sky/building pairing that definitely rivals the one I posted. The stuffed animals admiring your adjacent nature are killing me.

    Since you post like such a brunette it may take me a while to adjust, ha.

    From what I'm seeing your new incarnation looks super-shiny and undamaged, and since you've stayed with cool tones your skin and eye color seem happy. BTW, the grey in your natural shade looked like highlights to me -- wish that were the case for me!

    How funny that you are now blonde-spotting everywhere...reminds me of whenever I go short...O LOOK ANOTHER.

    ps I see a little of Ms Cate B too.

  4. Kristin, now I am blushing! :-*

    Vix, yes, it looked like highlights indeed! Especially gay Make Up artists had a HUGE crush on my "highlights". Dommage! ;-)

    I will keep posting visual offerings. Glad Mr Paula forced me into going numerique and got me a digi-cam last year. Before I kept winding the Kodaks. You could say I enter certain stages a bit late. First hair-dye, first digi-cam.
    Lets see what comes next.

  5. I really look fwd to reading your diary Paula,
    l live in Ausralia and my Partner and I visited Vienna earlier in the year.

  6. Hi Lisa! I am happy to read you found my blog! To the top, right, you will find a huge label, named "Vienna", there is a lot of Vienna in this blog. Some US readers think the tourist-office should pay me :-)
    I admit, I love this city.