Monday, 26 July 2010

Lets face it - account day

I will start with a Hello to sparrows & sparkles! Thanks to you I can count my followers on one hand ;-)
Your profile reads like another me: "... expensive handbags, inexpensive jewelry, European cities, travel in Asia, doing laundry ..." Laundry? Seriously? Me too! :-) btw: there is another blogger who loves Laduree's macarons: cotton socks from Melbourne.

I am not so sure if you will like this posting. It is about facing the truth of your expenses.

This lid won't shut anymore

Ever since I earned my first money I decided to keep an account of my incomes and expenses. I have to admit this is really usefull when you want or need to know "how much do I acutually need to make my living?".

I also like to keep the bills just in case of warranty-issues. I kept collecting the bills but never took my time to fill them in the excel or put them in order. Holding a bill in your hands puts expenses in the right perspective. You are reminded of items you bought and forgot them somewhere in your closet. Or in the drawer in the bathroom.

The Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner won't end up in the drawer due to excessive use.

All it needed was 2 rainy weekends in a row and I set downn and faced my expenses.

mmmh, the New York Style Cheese Cake at Demel's ... delicious!

The pile just won't shrink!

Wait, the box is already less packed, progress!

Last step is a satisfactory one: filing the bills for warranties. In the order of years and months. After two years they go into the bin since that's when the warranty expires.

At laaaaaast (quote Etta James):
Pfouhhhhh. Done!

Call me insane, I did not quit until I could see the bottom of the box. Sat. night /morning at 2.30am!!! Ok, Mr Paula has been away for a week and I act crazy when that happens.

However, the next day I felt like I need to reward myself. With some excellent reading plus eyecandy:
I like the dress and the concentrated expression on the face of the designer Kostas Murkudis. Collaborating with the artist Carsten Nicolai. This dress is not pret-a-porter. It is fashion. It is polyurethan and nylon.

You must not think now I'm done. Next will the photo album. The topic: Japan 2007.
600 photos need to be reduced to 360, so they can fit into the album.

First some pampering ...
Good night!


  1. I also have piles of receipts tucked away... shopping, restaurants, hotels. Like little souvenirs of all the fun we've had. Oh, and keep track of $$ too. My travel photos also end up in similar numbers. :)

  2. I read this the other day but was too demoralized to respond, ha!

    Go you and your mad tracking. This is a big way we are not alike...I am almost relieved! [Mr Vix would love you, though.]

  3. sparrowsandsparkles, I favour photos over bills! I enjoy throwing away photos on the harddrive. I might enjoy any kind of throwing-away at the moment!

    Vix, not so fast! this full box had been around quite a while ... However, nice idea: being loved by Mr Vix. Oh, wait, you use the word "love" in the US in a different way than we do. ;-)

  4. I found a close up view of the dress:

    this site is quite nice to dive into: