Monday, 19 July 2010

That you Love - a meme

Lisa from amidlifeofprivilege invited me to pick up this thing called a meme.
Thank you Lisa!

1. What Experience Most Shaped You And Why? (That You Love)
Being the younger daughter of two. Though I am not sure if I love this experience.
But it shaped me most, no doubt!

2. If You Had A Whole Day With No Commitments, What Would You Do? (That You Love)
Ah, that's an easy one! Saturday was such a day with no commitments. What did I do?
I laundred my clothes, later I did some bills,
spent 2 hours in the tub with a book and peppermint-tea,
blowdried my hair and strolled around with my Nikon D90,
taking pictures of beloved corners in the neighbourhood.
And I watched various birds around the terrace at my parents place.
The birds hoppend around on a branch of the tree,
disappeared and show up again on another tree.

3. What Food Or Drink Could You Never Give Up? (That You Love)
Viennese tapwater turned into TEA! I went through various tea-phases: green-tea,
by ginger-lemon tea. At the moment I enjoy black tea with milk a lot!

4. If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would That Be And Why? (That You Love)
I like to travel to France.
The most beautiful idyllig region so far was the Massive Central,
a part of France where you find volcanoes and plateaus with plains and beautiful cows.
Food is important when I travel. France is a good choice.
I am privileged being able to go anywhere in France within a few hours from door to door.
So when I start getting too homesick about France, I just go there!

5. Who Do You Have A Crush On? (That You Love)
Reflecting upon my sensation when I find out "he" is taking part in the movie,
it is Keanu Reeves. Before it was Lee Stetson aka Bruce Boxleitner. yeah!
Scarecrow and Mrs. King :)

6. If You Were A Leader Of Your Country, What Would You Do? (That You Love)
Disrupt the signals for mobile phones in trains and cultural buildings
such as theatres and museums. There have to be places without mobile communication.

7. Give Me One Savory Recipe That Doesn't Include Cheese (That You Love)
Vegetable stalk:
Cut lots of greens and roast them in the pot, add lots of water
let it boil for at least half an hour. I prefer 40-50 minutes.
Drink it from a mug whenever you are in need of a special comfort.

8. If You Could Spend Just One Day In Someone Else's Body, Who Would It Be?
(That You Love)
This question is scary. I would probably pick my 6 years old niece.
She is having such a good time! She reminds me a lot if myself at that age.

9. What Women Writer---Living Or Dead----Do You Most Admire And Why? (That You Love)
This is a tough one since I mostly read non-fictional books.
There is one writer I love, still far from admiring: Amelie Nothomb.
She is belgian, lived in Japan and writes in french.
"Stupeur and Tremblements" was one of the first french novels I read - in french.
A victory I will never forget.
She writes about the experiences she made in a Japanese company in the 1980's.

PS: I started this posting offline and ended up with no line breaks at all. So I added them. looks unfamiliar, should work out next time!


  1. I loved reading the answers to the questions you answered!
    I can not believe it takes so long to build there! We started this weekend and I am hoping we will be in the little house by my birthday Octiber 24th!
    Thank you so much for following the building of the little house!

  2. hey!
    i loved your bat story!
    let me say, if a bat flew into my apartment i would be screaming and hiding in the closet!
    i heard a lot of them have rabies and bite.
    but im pretty sure that hasn't happened in australia. ahha.
    we have a lot of bats near here at the botanical gardens and when the grand prix was on a lot of them came around my street and would swoop when id walk at night time.
    i was so scared i wore a helmet. hahahahahaha
    i cant believe you thought so quickly and kindly!
    im so glad to read that people exist like you that treat animals so nicely instead of like rodents to be killed.

    also for my hair, it has been such a long and hard time to try and get it to blonde.
    i used this product called colour ball by Revlon. i think it was platinum blonde shade. and its like a 3 minute treatment and it really helped me to make it less orangey!
    hope this might help!

    things lately have been so busy and i have been lazy to take photos.
    ive been spending half my time in melbourne and half my time in perth and feel like i need to get back into a routine!
    in perth i dont have the internet so i cant post, but on my iPad i can sometimes comment on blogs.
    its just very slow and frusterating!

    Now i am back in melbourne hopefully i can get back into my normal routine and take some more photos and blog.
    i really miss having the time to blog, and more importantly, read and comment on all the blogs i love to read!

  3. Hi Paula, loved your answers to the meme, very interesting. And I really like the knitted teddy bears in your photos of France, what are their names, do they always travel with you?
    Great to hear you read Stupeur and Tremblements, I got this from the library once but never finished it, you have inspired me to have another go! is it still really hot in Vienna? Here weather a bit cooler and we are expecting some rain, good for the garden! Take care Bx

  4. Kristin, there is still so much left to be said.
    So your new blog will live a short life! By October 24 I hope to have finished the cleaning-up after the renovation project which started in April! (!!!)

    cottonsocks, thank you for taking your rare spare time for commeting.
    Promise me, you will never watch "Batman Begins" It would probably scare you to death!!
    about blonde: I had no idea, it had been such a journey until your hair turned out so lovely!
    do you ever use a flatiron or would it damage your long hair?

  5. Hi Blighty! I just returned from the terrace, watering my parent's flowers. Yes, it is hot again. But you get used to it. It is nice when you can stay in the outskirts where it cools down at night.

    Yes!!! those bears have names: Bruno ist the tall one, you can tell is his laid back. And the smaller, very smart looking girl is Marie Curie. She probably has a burnt forehead from the radiation-experiments.
    Marie Curie even visited Marie Curie's tomb in the Pantheon in Paris! They are already quite familiar with France. They also made it up to Donegal County, the horse races. They only got nervous when strangers started taking pictures of them. Not amused.
    The two bears were gifts from Mr Paula's FATHER! You can tell, this familiy generates lovely men. :-) The were knitted by members of the parish at St. Stephan's cathedral and sold at the christmas-market.