Friday, 10 December 2010

14 Hours

A posting on 14 hours that could take place any day these days:

You wake up in the morning and you lift the blinds ...
snow, cold, winter

Regular readers already know, The Paula Residence is in the mood for Christmas. Good to know, other places got hold of the mood, too:

This is my favourite place for lunch. The water comes straight from the mountain-springs, like in any Viennese tap. :-)

One of the waiters does have the right touch:

Santa's jelly bag cap (Zipfelmütze) went missing, the boar was wearing it last season!

The sun sets early these days ...
So make sure some lights guard you.

Without having Rudolph around, gadtets come in handy.

Yes, I cycle all year round. I am a Gemini. Two Paula's, one is on the rough side. The ladies on the underground train, wearing camel-coats? Not me!

Do you remember my way home from work? Same angle, different setting:
Ok, I admit, this IS beyond good and evil ... BUT: it is zen. Believe me, one thought you waste on dinner-plans instead of taking care of the route and your ride and you will start slipping. Whoever tried meditating knows it is hard to stay focused, not let the mind wander around. Well, take a ride through the snow and you will have no chance but to focus on the sheer present moment and NOTHING ELSE.

Oh, the black "Comfort Shopper" is already stuffed, so the plastic bag has to take the ride home outside on the bar, what is inside? My new drying hood. No wind, storm nor snow can hinder me from shopping after work when the Mission Style calls. You have to know your priorities!

Snowy appereance

You probably would not recognize me due to major wrapping in protective clothing since I refuse to suffer from wind, cold or water aka snow these days.

We arrived home safely, me and the new drying hood. Speaking of safely: my mother is not so sure about my state of mental health, she just screamed when I told her on the phone that I am the proud owner of a drying hood, like the one we owned back on the 80's.
She screamed because the drying hood to her means a kind of slavery, wasted hours, sitting around ... when a whole generation welcomed the blow drier, fast and handy and was freed from the hood she has to watch me crawling under the hood ... in 2010!

If only she knew that the new hoods come with extra-long cords that enable you to do a LOT:
No hair inside the Rocky-Road-Brownies since all the hair was stuck on velcro-rollers under the drying-hood.

There is nothing better than a decent close-up.

After 1 hour in the kitchen I realized, I was wearing the drying hood inside-out, well ...

I wont close without presenting the result of the first rollers-procedure:
The result turned out rather wavy than curly.


  1. This was such a fun post as a peek into your life! I can not believe you ride your bike year round! In the snow! oh my! Thats why you look great!
    HAPPY about the dryer hood! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your hair look beautiful!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. paula , I still can not find the damn camera! I am getting so mad! I am going to search tomorrow til I find it! V took the weekend off from building the house.I think he was getting a little burned out. But tomorrow he is going to be back at it!
    Hahaha!!! Maybe the girl on my blog inspired the curlers! ha! Love it!~
    Today I cleaned house all day , put decorations on the tree... and when V went deer gunting I hopped in the bubble bath and got all dolled up . when he gets home i think we will have pizza and beer in from of the tree.
    have a pretty day!