Friday, 31 December 2010

Lake Side

There are scenic cultural highlights around, but it is still nature that catches my eye

On our way home from the mall we passed a lake which is frozen, horray!

The car shoveled the snow from the lake, the car is famous in Austria: FIAT Panda. The 4x4 version conquers every mountain! Isn't it cute what such a small car can do? I mean the lake is not so small ...

People leave their shoes on the shelf and put on their skates.

The skating Club provides a smooth surface and the shelf, skating is free.

Oh, the two houses in the background, we go and check them out!

The moment we got close to the shore a group arrived, carrying boxes with foods and drinks for tonight. The chimney was smoking, perfect winter wonderland!

I imagine this property being very privileged, away from the village but wait til the lake is frozen, then everyone can come close and take pictures ;-)

Shadows on the lake, black G-bag with Paula

During the sommer months, people walk here to get to the other strand.

You probably get the idea how enjoyable our visit is. I went for a brief walk, saying hello to nearby neighbours (everyone in a circle of 1km is considered being a neighbour here).
On my way everyone greeted, wishing a Happy New Year and wishing health, everyone was so happy! Adult sons with their parents on the balcony, saying goodbye to the old year. It's this sunny attitude that amazes me everytime we return to Carinthia. We, coming grom the big city feel so grumpy. It is like a scene in 30ROCK where Liz Lemon is really grumpy and meets all those nice people from the countryside and she wants to be like them, she hates herself for being so grumpy. I can identify with Liz. Even though this episode has been made up in my mind.

Well, back to the sunny Carinthians. On the other hand, the people in Carinthia vote for the right party. The very right party. Which troubles the rest of Austria.

Mr Paula might be troubled when he gets to hear what the neighbour told me: her sons are very excited because they are going to shoot tonight. Mr Paula's soul is probably the soul of a dog: he hates noise. Tonight is going to be really loud. And next week there will be a Perchten event. 600 Pertchten are to be expected. They cut off braids. The neighbour recommended tucking the braid under the shawl and jacket.


  1. A nice car to have! Compact enough for the city, rugged for the country. -Tracy

  2. Dear Liz -- er, Ms P -- I know exactly what you mean! Be careful you don't come home too chipper, as you risk your wonderful humor disappearing.

    Your vacation seems to get better every day; thanks for sharing these wintery delights.

    ps I hope Mr Paula survived the neighbor's noise without having to hide under the bed.

  3. Tracy, and the best about the car is, you can still repair it yourself if you are a mechanic, no need of a computer since there is no computer built in this car!

    Vix, oh, I know there are some species waiting in Vienna to make the chipper diminish in two shakes of a lamb's tail (Is this REALLY what you say when you want to say "null komma nix"?? I looked it up in the dictionary.