Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sore Muscles vs Chairlift

I am so used to these markings. Are they common all over the globe?

Mr Paula suggested we walk the second mountain by foot. Since the snow is frozen it is easy to walk there without sinking into the snow.

The ski-region we discovered today reminds me of the mountain where I started skiing in ground school. Calm and at ease. No loudspeakers outside the mountain huts, contaminating the air with trashy music. I was surprised to find out calm ski regions still exist in 2010.

We left the chairlift out and when you leave out the chairlift, you get to see a lot!

More eye candy: more frozen water

We made 800m up and down, 1600 in total. *backslapping* That way we did our best to wake up with sore muscles by tomorrow.

This was not the only animal that surprised us. Deer crossed our path, they jumped from one side to the other, one after the other ... it is fun, looking at the traces in the snow.

In case you know the movie "New in Town", I have been thinking about that movie lately, since everything around here seems so familial!

Around 4pm, before sunset

At the bottom of the mountain aprés-ski gets usually crowded with tipsy and drunken tourists. Around here the locals gather inside and around the small hut. No noise but a homely atmosphere.

Good night!

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