Thursday, 16 December 2010

Snow and Icicles

Every endeavour has been made to present ephemeral highlights of the day to you. It's good to be prepared!

Yesterday evening my patient bike awaited me, ready to take me to my 2nd job's company's Christmas party.

Friend A. already awaited me. We share our passion for riding the bike all year round. She already touched ground twice this winter but I can assure your: when she falls, she does it like a karate-queen. No blessings and many people gathering around her.

She curiously watched how other people were working on their timbre, that kind of rough woman's voice:The image of a cigarette is somehow disturbing, no?

Believe me, I was the only one taking pictures during the party. Sort of uncool behaviour. In moments like this (taking tourist-snapshots among colleagues), it helps connecting with the internalized Japanese-self or, lets say, with Friend Y, who would never ever leave her camera at home!)

The party took place in a recording studio. People were standing there, everywhere. It was crowded the way I imagine an airport when flights get cancelled. I was not able to take pictures without showing their faces so I rather not publish them. But next to the venue was a deserted recording studio. Calm. Quiet. Deserted. The wallpaintings date back from the 1930's, I guess.

Neat detail: the stool on top of the piano and the clock on the wall in the back.

Back to the party ...

Fogged up white wine glasses in pink spotlight.

As you can see, the wines were served at correct temperatures. Speaking of temperatures: Cold weather (-0°C) + lasting snow is a rather rare event in Vienna. Usually it is either cold + dry or wet + warm which means snow usually wont last longer than a few hours in the morning. That's why I can't stop taking those pictures:

While Friend A. and I enjoyed our wine in the warmth, other people met outside last night:
This is the place I visit during my lunch break, the Gastgarten (outdoor restaurant area) received a prize this summer for the best designed outdoor restaurant area. I can assure you, the place doesn't lose a bit during winter season:

Speaking of colours: white, red and ebony, how good can you go!

This is exactly the spot where my feet were covered with powder snow (first picture on top!)

Let me close with a close up:

EDIT a few hours later:
Greetings from my favourite hour, l'heure bleue (captured today at 4.20pm). The small white spot is the moon.


  1. Great pictures Paula! I so envy you, having your camera along all the time. Mine is basically at home, but then my blog is mostly about my home, my own things and my own surroundings ; )!

  2. Paula!Du hast Dich eben als Nachteule geoutet...:P Muss ein schönes Fest gewesen sein!
    Dein Englisch ist fantastisch und ich bin eben dazu gekommen Deine süße Antwort auf meine *dingliche* Frage zu lesen. Also bist Du eine waschechte Wienerin?Österreicherin? Mit entsprechendem, landestypischen, goldigen Dialekt?
    Gestern kam mir eine Seite unter, da hat sich die Bloggerin in englisch und in deutsch ausgedrückt. Sie ist Deutsche und verkauft schöne *shabby chic* Sachen für zuhause. Das macht auch Arbeit immer zweisprachig zu texten!
    Aber interessant...ich lerne da immer was dazu.
    Genieße unseren Jahrhundertwinter! :)
    Beate XXX

  3. Metscan, it's the size that matters! My camera is so small, no reason to leave it at home.

    Beate, Danke für dein Kompliment! Für dich klinge ich sicher wienerisch. Ich selbe höre das gar nicht so. :-) Dieser Winter ist schon exceptionell! Eine verschneite Innenstadt über mehrere Tage im Advent hat es schon seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr gegeben.

  4. You and the snow and the's all very glamorous and a little bit surreal!

    Beautiful shots of the outdoor restaurant. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland. ;)

  5. Vix, yes! The Christmas tree in the recording studio was surreal like a scene in Twin Peaks, towards the end of the season. Apropos Twin Peaks, I managed to bake a swiss roll that looks exactly like a log: Yule Log or Bûche de Noel. I will ost on, since the Wikipedia-photo looks so poor compared to the log that sits in my fridge and waits to the realatives from the countryside to arrive tomorrow, Sunday, for a walk and tea.