Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Call Me In: From Couch 25k

Thanks to TheStylishShoeGirl in Brisbane, whose postings on the topic "From Couch 25k" are ever so motivating, I laced my shoes up and started to run. You don't need an Iphone, the workout goes like this:
5 min warm-up / 60secs running / 120secs walking / 60secs running / 120 secs walking / etc.
For details, visit the the From Couch 25k website.

oops, I just realized, it should be 90 and not 120secs walking. Ok, lets say I also found some online ressources which recommend no more than 5-10 secs running during the first week. Might turn it up a notch next week though. :-D

Last saturday I mastered the first workout. I start the workout right at my door and while running/walking in the evening I see ...

... people matching companies' cooperate designs.

... bins with information overkills (some people commented earlier how clean the streets are. Maybe it is because you can call them? ;-)

... Caran d'Ache fading
(yes, I am cheating, this is not evening light.)

... young men telling me Vienna is a cool city

... the most beautiful light in the early evening

... a close up around the corner

... and again the beautiful light
Information in the Object

And: there are a lot of clocks surrounding me. In Vienna you don't need a wrist-watch, so you would need some other excuse why you need that Rolex, take a look:

evangelic time


roman-catholic time


Have a good time!


  1. This is very timely because I just came back = about two minutes ago - from a run/walk down my street. I decided now that the weather is nice, it's a good time to start doing it daily! I wish I could walk around Vienna though. It looks so much more interesting than my neighborhood!

  2. You are a tourist in your own home town and I feel like we as your followers are tagging along for the ride :)
    What pretty scenery and the weather looks warm.

  3. Paula: You're too kind!!! Glad to hear it's all going well! You have such gorgeous scenary to walk through...


  4. Adrienne, I am sure you have some trees in your neighbourhood, I would happily trade some shopwindows in exchange!

    Hostess, you are right! It was a mild evening. Taking photos does change my view. Long known corners reveal new sights.

    SSG, I have to pay attention to my shinbone splint, it's a bit weak and gets easily irritated. I don't want it to stop me! Some proper stretching should help. There are more news on the Couch 25k project to be posted soon, very girly and sweet. (no, I a, not talking about pink shoes) :-) Are you online in Singapore right now?

  5. Paula: Ohhhh looking forward to the news, you've got me thinking now...

    No, not in Singapore just yet unfortunately, I leave on Tuesday.

    You've given me an idea, maybe I might do the Couch 25k around the streets of Singapore and take photos along the way...

    You and I are taking the program worldwide: Austria, Australia and Singapore!!

    I wont be able to update my blog until I am back in Brisbane as I will have an iPad with me (great for travelling), not so great for blogging and photos! Not to worry!

  6. Hey Paula,
    Getting back in to being able to read blogs again.
    Lost the plot after Dr Stuff ups here, and new pain levels to deal with that went bananas.
    So I visit today and what do I get - pictures of Vienna, YAY, my favourite posts always. I know I nag you for these, but gosh I love them.
    Will have so much fun sharing them with Elisabeth tomorrow.

  7. SSG, thank you for updating me with your schedule. I had exectly the same thought: if Couch25k has been around here before? Or if I were the first one in Vienna to join it? Tuesday, that's almost a week! Well, this gives you plenty of time for looking forward.

    Louise, now, since Elisabeth is with you, the truth will be told very soon: the truth that the photos I post show a Vienna which is not fancy at all! Those streets are known for too much traffic (cars, not bicycles), almost no trees, dogshit .... I am wondering, too, how the photos hide all of this. However, I am glad the photos entertain you. Today I picked my father up from the hospital, minor surgery. Cute surgeon. Stunning assisting female surgeon. But all in all: way too many doctors around. But still, the surgeon ... might consider some consultation :-)

  8. Hallo liebe Paula,
    bin ja total im Hintertreffen mit Lesen, weil wir dauernd am Familienfeste feiern sind und am Wochenende im Allgäu verzückt Berg und See genossen haben.... :)
    Habe gerade Deinen vorherigen Post über Deine Sternzeichenkette gelesen.

    Mein Mann hat mir zu seinem 50igsten einen sehr hübschen Tierkreiszeichenanhänger von Komplott gekauft! Die Idee, dass ich was kriege, wenn er Geburtstag hat, fand ich richtig gut! ;))

    Ich finde es total interessant, dass Du ein Zwilling bist (Ha!Ich habe einen Zwillinge-Mond! Ergo finde ich Zwillinge ziemlich gut!Ich mag das vielseitige Interesse an Dingen. :)
    Ansonsten bin ich ein Löwe mit Skorpion-Aszendent. Meine Jungfrau-Anteile finden sich in meinem Mars (Arbeitshaltung, Durchsetzungsvermögen) wieder...ökonomisch, praktisch, detailverliebt (kleinkariert....ja,ja) und einem genauen *Adler-Blick*. Mit Vorliebe für alternative Heilmethoden und gerne Bio-Lebensmittel, wenn`s möglich ist.

    Jeder ist auf seine Weise und sein Horoskop einzigartig, aber ich kenne auch Jungfrauen, die sich in ihrer Ordnungsliebe verfangen haben und alles nur nach der Richtschnur bemessen...das ist natürlich auch nix...und etwas anstrengend. Ein Freund von uns ist so. ;)
    Schließlich gibt es außer Schwarz und Weiss auch noch was dazwischen.
    Aber daran verzweifelt er regelmäßig. An der Unvollkommenheit der Menschheit.

    Ich wünsche Dir allzeit gute Sternchen,
    Beate :)

  9. Hi Paula,
    I'm so glad your mum is improving and is well enough to scrub the balcony.

    So why didn't someone scrub it for her, while she was in hospital - tee hee!

    I can imagine, the Austrian Mama, returning home from hospital inspecting the cleanliness and carpet fringing with her eagle eyes.

    At least she had to go outside to find a faux pas!