Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Soignee and Neat – Again!

You might remember my previous posting, where I nailed down some big cravings. 2 months have passed since then and I did not buy a single item from that list. But new cravings are around by now:
A brooch

Until last week I had no interest at all in applied arts. The brooch is available in a gallery in Vienna. Unfortunately it is in my price range. I am not sure, if I want someone else to buy it – this would solve the question: to buy or not to buy. Buying a piece of modern art might open a whole new road which might turn out to become a pricey route. But an exquisite route for sure!

This khôl in "nude"
photo: http://www.dutchessroz.com/

A khôl in nude is something every woman needs and at the same time doesn't need at all. Will I still crave for the khôl 2 months from today? Or will it be in the drawer of my dressing table by then? Will it provide me the fresh look as promised?

During the day thoughts like "I will never get used to impolite behaviour." or "When will I clean my bicycle" or "I need to get more sleep, but I am such an owl!" come to my mind. Do you have any advice for me, how I can manage to get in bed in time? Last night I ended up ironing the curtains I've bought last spring.
I should stop midnight ironing.


  1. you are wild, ironing curtains at midnight!

    I only iron when nessesary.

  2. I forgot to ad: I washed them before ironing. :-)

  3. hi paula,

    i have a bad case of the "wants" right now too. i am wanting everything i see on the internet. i'm hoping it passes soon - like the flu.

    when i really need to fall asleep i read something v boring and force myself to concentrate on it. next thing you know, i'm out.


  4. I've never thought of buying a nude coloured khol.
    i guess its supposed to make your eyes look bigger?

    im really bad with getting to bed on time too.
    really bad.
    i find that a glass of red wine can help relax and get ready for sleepy times.
    also watching a really boring movie or tv show.

  5. janet, I am curious, are your "wants" in the field of fashion, cosmetics or domestic "need"?

    cotton socks, the khôl would open the eye and make it look fresh since red waterlines look quite bloody. I thought I give the boring Frince a try (I am still stuck in season one, because I found it ever so boring) and guess what, ended up watching 3 episodes yesterday evening/night.

  6. Hey Paula!
    Thanks for the mention on your blog :)
    I do love the nude eyeliner. I have several different ones. The Chanel one, I also use the i-open by new CID cosmetics and another one I can't think of the name right now....woops.
    So yeah I do like wearing nude liner but don't wear it every day, I mix it up between black eyeliner or nude but it is something I reach for now and again. Hope that helped :)
    xoxo Roz

  7. oops, should be Fringe, not Frince :-)

    Dutchess Roz, thank YOU for letting me use your demo-photo. It is the best I could find online. CID is not available in Austria, I will probably get the Chanel Clair. But I want the "want" to cool down a bit. btw, you prove what I say: the nordic women are damn pretty!

  8. FUNNY! Oh girl! I know allllll about the no sleep thing! NOT PRETTY! I have been doing my nighttime beauty routine before bed, then I read . Not to mention the drugs from the dr. to sleep and tylenol PM! Ha!
    Ironing at midnight!? That is madness! ( :
    Oh yes! That was my story about the convict!
    Have a pretty day!