Thursday, 21 April 2011

Drugged Lilac Lunch Break

Hi again! Here comes a follow up posting.

My lunch break.

Somehow this postings turns out to justify the #1 rank of Vienna on the mercer list. See for yourself:

The not very busy bicycle lane next to the not very busy car lanes
at the ring road (the road goes around the City Center)
This is the gate to the shopping district in the City Centre, the Kärntner Straße.

Douglas House of Beauty.
This photo does not justify the magnificence of this department store. In the back the ceiling elevates and hundreds (thousands?) of Swarovski crystals lighten up the room. This is how I imagine a department store in Ginza, Tokyo. No. Wrong, this IS how a department store in Ginza is. Quiet, friendly sales women smiling when you walk by.

Do you remember the flower bed that was not at bloom yet a few weeks ago? Now it is in full bloom:
Again I am amazed how few flowers get stolen. Only a few have been picked.

on with the lunch break:
Again, people waiting and looking at the fountain. (fountain has been posted a few weeks ago)
Me taking photos of people who take photos
People taking a rest
... admiring the blooming bushes
Funny moment: a pigeon flies at the center of the photo.
These blossoms smell better than any perfume!

I sat on a bench and admired the bushes, eating my Humus sandwich and very much to my surprise the humus was made with olive oil, no sun flower oil. And sesame paste. And lemon juice. This is rare, in a country where the average pesto is made with sun flower oil. Pesto(!)

In case you ever come and visit Vienna, go to the place where they make the fabulous sandwiches.

writing this post in a drugged state, drugged from from the captivating scent of lilac

Please don't miss the last posting, only a few hours old: So the cranes are moving on the skyline ...


  1. hummus sandwich? Sounds intriging.

    The tulips look amazing, we're just starting to see the daffordils and cherry blossoms, it's been unseasonably cold here through April. Averaging about 6 degrees. Can't wait to see more flowers in Vienna!

  2. It looks so lovely there!! Vienne is definitely on my "must visit" list. And lilacs, the house I lived in during my high school years had a row of lilacs right outside my bedroom window. That fragrance was indeed intoxicating!

  3. Jen, I am glad we are out of the "less then 10" degrees. At least for a while.

    Deja, I googled a perfume that imitated lilac, I will give it a try. Maybe just the soap of that line (Yves Rocher). The older I get, the heavier scents I seek?!

  4. I have just been out sniffing my lilacs, aren't they wonderful? And funnily enough I'm having hummus for lunch, I utterly love hummus.

  5. Stunning photos. You know how I feel about tulips, but did you know lilacs are another fav? We have one measly bush in the backyard, which is nice...but mass planting like Vienna's are so much more impressive.

    Thanks as always for being an intrepid photojournalist/reporter!

  6. Tabitha, I think I went back for the for the hummus-sandwich alone 3 times in one week.

    Vix, Easter is no doubt a high season for photojournalists. Lilacs seem to make everyone happy. A girl was petting the lilacs as they were bunnies.