Saturday, 2 April 2011

Circling the City Centre

On a saturday like today, having spent the whole morning at home, having done the laundry and organizing the household, I feel like visiting the City Centre before the sun sets, to do some window shopping and run errands.
Uh. This is a typical saturday afternoon in the City Centre.
[LV sightings: 1 out of 7 women]
Who would go there voluntarily?
In the City Centre, people move by cab and coach ...
by bicycle ...
... by foot.
A typical scene to be found in spring time in Vienna: Visitors. Waiting. At a fountain.

Did you spot the construction site containers in the back in the above photo? There seem to be construction sites EVERYWHERE you look:
How are tourists supposed to take photos,
with construction sites and cranes obstructing the sight?

Some places never change.

Even though this shop wants to make us believe, typical Austrians would walk around like this ...
Female version
Male version

... we don't. We would rather wear some bestselling leopard prints. Blighty, these are for you: there is a shop-owner who shares your passion for prints:
A close up. The Ungaro-ad is probably not really up-to-date.
The sewing machine definitely isn't.

Even the floor wears the animal-pattern

I love love love the oldfashioned shop design such as golden brassy window frames.
The shop dates back from the 1960's and made its way into the late 1980's, as the following photos prove:
They obviously stick to their principles: shoulder pads.

... and more shoulder pads (center)

Meanwhile, the 2nd decade in the 21st century arrived. Lets see what the next shop-window has to offer:
Makes me wanna be a man. Wanna wear ties. I think ties would really suit me.
Of course 100% silk only.
There are many corners in Vienna where the 21st century is never going to happen. Due to the structure, you find a lot of small shops, very small shops, every basement is divided into small sections:
You can tell it was a mild day, people sitting outside in the shade past 7pm.

On my way home I pass the State Opera...

Open Air Music at the Opera.
The ever-so-beloved Burggarten at sun set, 7.30pm, after a very warm April afternoon.
It is a must for any student to visit the garden and chill under the trees. Ca. 10 years ago it was forbidden to touch the grass. Since they've changed the rules, this garden resembles woodstock without the mud on any warm weekend-afternoon.

Only a few metres away you find a few buildings of the Technical University of Vienna. In the labortories there is always light. I like the fact that someone is doing research, no matter how late or what day of the week.
Right now I have a piece of applied art on my mind ... a pity it does not cost 3times the price (what would put it out my price range).
The text on the window says: Gallery for applied arts.

Of course, jewelry can be art. I think of it in terms of fashion. The idea of jewelry being art is intriguing.

Another window. An armee of bagues*.[bague: french for "ring", pronounced bah-ghe]

Another window. These beads are not art, but cute and irregular.

The pearls remind me of the Honora sweet-water pearls. I have never seen Honora pearls IRL but this is what I imagine them to be.
No attention, no attraction.

Just a few metres away from the crowded pedestrian zone seen at the beginning of the posting, you enter the far side of the moon.

Have a fun sunday!

* The french term seems to suit certain rings better than the delicate word "ring". Bague.


  1. Your city centre is stunning, no wonder you wanted to head there in the afternoon after doing all your tasks!

    Thank you for giving us a look in the shop windows too!

    Gorgeous jewellery, I especially like the bagues!

  2. hi paula,

    thank you for the street scenes of vienna. so beautiful to me and fascinating. there seems to be lots of tourists there now. and i love the leopard for blighty. isn't it funny how we see things now with other bloggers in mind? i know that whenever i hear anything of vienna i will think of you!


  3. Vienna is so beautiful. I was only there for a few days but just loved the city. If only I had more time to explore.

    After Vienna we went to Attersee which was also so perfect and pretty. I could happily live in Austria - as long as I could learn the language a bit better! :-D

  4. StylishShoeGirl, those bagues are pieces of art. Recently I developed a love for semi-precious stones combined with gold.

    janet, the tourist season starts late March. In the 1980's Italian school classes visited Vienna around Easter. We had much fun with the ragazzi back then.
    I think about other bloggers a lot, I pass the the new FOREVER 21-store on my way to work. You might get hick-ups.

    Esz, I have another posting for you:
    You might recognize the atmosphere. :-)

  5. Paula, love love love all the leopard pattern, my kind of shop! Thank you for thinking of me. Also I love the shoulder pad selection - first I thought they were for padding out my bra, essential for my junior bosoms. Vienna looks such an interesting city with such beautiful architecture. One day the Blightys will visit!!

  6. Lovely!

    Re: ties. Or be like Fred Astaire and wear ties as belts.

    I actually saw a TV mini-series about Empress Elisabeth/Sisi. It was a bit too sentimental for me, so I didn't bother reading the English subtitles but I kept on watching since I like almost anything in period costume and it reminded me of you and your blog.

    I think this is the show, if you're interested.

  7. Bighty, I knew it. I should have taken photos of the erotic shop-window next to the leopard-prints-windows. With all kinds of paddings in the window, inside-bra and outside-bra and no bra at all. >:-)

    WB,I heard about the Mini-Series! The one-and-only Sisi is Romy Schneider, ever actess who plays Sisi has to match with her iconic appearance. And the way she whispered "Franzl". (nickname for the Emperor Franz Josef)
    Fred Astaire - I haven't seen a movie with him in a long time.

    What I like about taking the photos: at home, when I look at them, I see so much more and find new details I never notice while walking through the street.

  8. Thank you so much for the photo tour!
    I've enjoyed it so much more than the usual tourist office "perfect shots".
    You live in a very beautiful city :D

  9. Jemajo, thank you for reading and taking a look! ... and commenting :-)
    Now that I know people enjoy those photos, I happily shoot them.

    Exactly one year ago, I cruised the City Centre like I did yesterday. Take a look:
    doing what tourists do: taking pictures