Tuesday, 26 April 2011


In 1977 ...

... Rocky wins 3 Oscars

... Star Wars starts

... Austria's first Mc Donald's restaurant opens

... I enjoy a transatlantic passage, hopefully not my last

... this hospital opens in Vienna:
I have a special relation with this hospital, it is where a neurosurgeon clipped to aneurysms in my mum't brain. 4 weeks out of time, out of space, for all of us.

The entrance reminds ma a lot of Cuban architecture: playful shapes made of concrete.
Outside was the beginning of spring with the birds singing and inside it was just the signal of the elevater arriving at the floor and the humming of the air condition. You could not open a window. What was left, was the view:
The view from the 8th floor. Have there always been this many cranes?

Everyone knows the top sign, but the one below ... somehow amuses me.

I forgot to say, 4 weeks later, life is almost back to normal. I guess we were lucky. The neurosurgeon is said to be one of the 3 top-surgeons in Europe. He is 60-something years old. I would love to ask him, if he recommends a young doctor, who I might turn to in 20 years from now. Would this be too weird? I hope he mentors the future top neurosurgeon. Not sure, if doctor-business works like this.


  1. HI Paula,
    Here's hoping wordpress does not make my comment disappear. It's been destroying my comments to you all week.
    I've been so excited to see more of Vienna, especially since I am now half Austrian thanks to Elisabeth's influence here inTownsville.

    I have my fingers crossed for you Mum, and a successful recovery. the time in hospital must have been very stressful for all of you, but I also find the bottom sign a tiny bit funny!

  2. Hi Louise! We share the same humour.

    I should edit today's posting, since my mother is doing really well. Altough any action still exhaustes her – but who wouldn't be exhausted after all the procedures and bedrest – she even scrubbed the balcony-floor, commenting "Obviously no one cleaned it while I was not around". Call it the Austrian gene!

    I need to check back on your earlier comments, I am sure they are there.
    So glad Elisabetg found you et vice versa.

  3. Wonderfully innovative post. Phew you've been through a lot of stress, glad to hear your mums doing well

  4. Maybe you're just noticing the cranes alot more?

    Glad to hear your mum on on her way to recovery, I know this has been a long awaited result and glad to hear she's in such good health she's cleaning the floor. LOL

  5. So glad to hear your mum is doing well - what a scary surgery! My thoughts are with you all during her recovery.

  6. I hope your mom gets better every day.

  7. Tabitha, your compliment on this posting made me smile through the evening. Thank you!

    Jen, you might be right, just like red cars and pregnant women or similar events. Mr Paula knew my mum was almost back to normal when we started argueing with her :-)

    Adrienne, the surgeries were the scariest thing I could ever imagine. It is like a visit at the dentist: everything close, around or even in your head is scary.

    Lisa, thank you! She does small steps, the next will hopefully be back on the street. She is still scared to walk on her own since she lost lots of her strength and security over the past weeks.

  8. Hello:
    Your comment, on 'Une femme...',regarding Austrian students really made us laugh.And, so we have tracked the way directly to your most engaging and spirited blog.

    For most of our time we live in Budapest, so we are near neighbours. We visit Vienna often as it is so wonderfully stylish, returning home to the peeling stucco which resonates with us more closely.

    Of course, we do not know your mother but we do so hope that she is making a speedy recovery from the trauma of her operation.

    We are Followers!

  9. SO happy your mom is ok! Scrubbing the balcony! That is something my mom would do too!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Great to hear your mom's improving. A surreal nightmare turned happy ending for you all....

    Definitely ask aging doctor about top young bloods. You can say, "Is there anyone you're mentoring?" if you want to sidestep any blow to his ego.

  11. WEll I got another comment in to you, despite the problems between blogger and wordpress!

    However it went to an old post of yours, not this one.
    So here's my second attempt.
    Glad your mum is doing well, and is healthy enough to inspect her home for cleanliness and straight rug fringes, at least she has to go outside to find a faux pas!


  12. Jane and Lance, thank you for following! I need to take a closer look at your blog. At the first look I was very impressed. Classy!
    Thank you for the kind thoughts, my mother is doing much better.

    speaking of scrubbing: I managed to find a new cleaning lady for my mum. :-)

    Vix, surreal is the right word. I had some nightmares, hope they will pass soon.

    Louise, seems as if you worked it out with Wordpress this time. ;-)
    You pictured my mum perfectly! hehehe. Somehow we are all like that.