Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Comfort Zone

I just love spending the evenings within my own four walls. There is much I love about the place where I live - the outline of the appartment, the furnitures Mr Paula and I chose together and most of all the calm. These days I value the calm during the evenings so much, since the noise coming from the huge construction site vis a vis wakes me up every morning. Somehow Vienna goes to sleep early during the week. At 10pm there are the news on television and around 11pm the lights go off.

One light is still on. As you can see pictured above, even when Mr Paula is away, I am always in good company. I wonder, if a cat would disturb the quietness? Well, not if it sleeps. I used to be a cat-sitter for my sister's cats when she went on vacation. After she had given birth to her first child, I looked after her cats because she did not want them to become too jelous plus she wanted the baby to be safe. The cats accompanied me for 2 months. I was a single back then and remember when I asked her one day, if she plans on taking them back at all. My brother in law picked them up in the afternoon and the same evening I went out and met a big love of my life. (here you can read where it went from there) As if I had to make room, so something new could enter my life. I like to believe in things. Superstition and so.

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