Thursday, 21 April 2011

So the cranes are moving on the skyline ...

Fabulous Florida Mommy and wilhelmm46, thank you for following! I hope this blog offers something to you that you like.

This is the lung of Vienna, the Vienna Woods.

In April the ground is flooded with wild garlic.

It was a good idea to visit the woods last Sunday, simply because this is a usual weekday is like at Maison Paula these days. May I introduce you to the dusty streets of Vienna:
*piiep* *piiiep* *piiiiep* *piiep* makes the truck, backing into the street
*wrrrrrrrrrmmmm wrrrmrmm* makes the motor while lifting the components of the crane
Quiet at night. And some dust in the air.

Thanks/due to the long light exposure, the picture turns out really lit and artificial. There was no spotlight but just the ordinalry streetlight from vis a vis. With the long exposure my camera is able to see a lot more than I can see with my eyes.
Call me Cat.
The small device on the crane boom, the "crab" is called "cat" in German

I took all photos with my small DP1 camera, fixed on a tiny tripod. Exposure time 10 seconds. The star in the photo above (top left, below the left part of the crane boom) mutated into a swoosh, I quasi pictured the rotation of the planet Earth with my small camera. Yes, I was excited!

I almost forgot how much I prefer the nightlight-qualities of this cameraover its daylight-qualities. The sensor works wonders at night.The shades of the night sky in the city alone.

I am not used to seeing anyone vis a vis form my appartment. The moment I saw the two man standing on the roof vis a vis, I waved to them and one of the workers waved back. With a smile. I prefer to make friends with the inevitable, such as noise and dirt.
It is hard to leave the window, I could watch the construction sight forever. But wait, there is more to see:

Karlsplatz with the exhibition space "KUNSTHALLE".
plus a pedestrian crossing and bicycle crossing, next to each other.

You can find drive-through-houses in Vienna
Another rounded building (the drive-through is rounded, too), the Akademietheater.

Mr Paula and I have a subscription that comes with a free booklet for each of us and a free glass of prosecco each. We call the subscription the "Prosecco-Abo".
The audience is always very easy to entertain, no wonder, after the prosecco!
Or it falls asleep, no wonder, after the prosecco!

The subscription costs almost the same as ticket for the cinema. Good to know, where the taxes go.

Empty cable reels are the best! As if a giant had dropped them in the street...

This company left a long ago, only the sign remains:
Olivetti participated in the development of personal computers. It's still a strong brand, no?

I would love to continue my Couch25k programm tomorrow but an ischialgia (=pain in the backside) struck me. This makes me sad, because I want to run.
When I exercise with my Mp3 player, I channel Rocky Balboa.
Massive Attack's Safe from Harm. It is a great beat for walking/running for beginners.

I cut the tune in to 90secs and 120secs pieces, a total or 20 minutes.

I added very tiny pauses after 90 and 120 secs, so I wont need to look at the wristwatch to get the right time for changing from walking mode to running mode.

In theory it works great. IRL it's not that easy. The 90 and 120 secs seem to be above my calculating skills. I messed them up and ended up running 90 secs and walking 60 instead of 120. In the end, which was already after a few mintues, my body told me something was wrong.
Nevertheless, I enjoy the idea of a programmed tune. Suggestions for new tunes are very welcome! There are plenty of weeks to run ahead. Keeping my fingers crossed my backside will be ok, soon.

Usually I prefer breakfast at home but with all the noise going on, I switched to a breakfast at the job and was surprised, how many co-workers have their breakfast at work on a daily basis.

A Semmel with apricot-jam and Tea with milk (Assam tea, 3,6% whole milk)
Have a nice day!

PS: the title is a quote from a song by The The. Whenever I see a crane, the song comes to my mind.


  1. i love your photos paula. so interesting to see vienna in different lights.

    i just went over and read the running program you are on. i'm thinking of joining you. right now i walk very briskly for 30 to 45 minutes ea morning but lately have found myself running again. i used to run all the time. i even ran a marathon once! i don't want to do that again but i love the idea of a nice 3 miles run. i listen to the white stripes mostly but lately have been listening to the kills also.


    oh and i bet the woods smell wonderful with garlic.

  2. looks like the building across the street is in full construction now, how long will they have the crane up for ?

    I enjoyed prosecco alot while we were in Zurich, it's our new favourite summer beverage.

    Sorry to hear about the pain preventing your running, but it looks like you've kept busy either wasy with photos and visiting.

  3. Be careful about that back pain...
    I have heard that interval training yields very fast results.

    Those spools are enormous...
    On it's side, one might make a great garden table!

    I recommend that you soak in Epsom Salts every day until the back pain eases...


  4. janet, I The Kills seem to be popular for workouts. After your marathon experience any 3 mile run should be nice.

    Jen, the crane should stand there until March 2012 which is actually a short time. 1 year for a development (they build 2 new storeys) is not so bad. I love the weekend these days: no *wrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm* that wakes me up.

    Hostess, I will send Mr Paula to pick up half a ton of Epsom salt from the drugstore.

  5. Since you're now a sound engineer, you can turn any music into workout music by manipulating the songs beats per minute (BPM). I read that around 140 BPM is good for aerobic exercises. Or listen to Rihanna, since her songs usually have that BPM. But don't listen too well or you'll end up out of breath laughing at the lyrics while running.

    I hope that your ischalgia doesn't impair your everyday mobility. I took a too long nap two weeks ago on a very narrow and short sofa and my back paid for it for a week. Ischalgia would have been a very helpful word back in high school when we had a semester where PE classes consisted of an hour and a half of pure stretching. I didn't know you could contort the human body that many ways. I found it enjoyable until the next day and the rest of the week when parts of your body that you didn't know existed started to be sore.

    Olivetti: Typewriters! I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't been aware the company still existed. I suppose living in the world's electronics manufacturing region doesn't help since we get either the most hyped (ahem Apple) or no-name no-frills electronics.

  6. The wild garlic is beautiful, the cranes less so. Constant construction noise (and accompanying dust) makes me homicidal; you are so much more Zen than I.

    Sorry about the pain that's keeping you from sprinting. Heal quickly, Ms Gazelle.

    I breakfast at work, and luckily am not alone. It took me a long time to go from a "nothing til lunch" eater to a ~9 am one...but I just can't do the early morning eating thing. I figure if I can listen to people's personal calls, they can handle a little (non-smelly) breakfast....

    ps Love the cable reel shot!