Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why Would I Reveal My Sign?

The pendant and the necklace have been a gift from my grandmother after my birth.
if you click on the photo, it enlarges and you will see the two girls look like those scary kids in a horror film, nice at the first sight but turn out to be monsters with a shining aura.

I started wearing the necklace and the pendant again recently. Probably because it looks nice with the blonde hair. I also fancy the retro design which screams "made in the 1970's".
But am I revealing too much when showing others my sign of the zodiac? You dpn't see those pendants around a lot anymore.

There are a lot of prejudices when it comes to the signs of the zodiac. I for myself am biased towards Libra, Aries and Cancer. Sometimes I feel antipathies when meeting someone. When he/she tells me his or her sign, often they happen to be the same signs over and over. I wont tell you which signs I am biased against. :-)

In case you don't favour Geminis, my ascendent is Virgo and you can tell by the posting with the toothbrush - my ascendent has an strong impact on me. hehe.


  1. I am a gemini and until 5 years ago I thought my ascendent was virgo! It then turned out that my ascendent is leo, borderline virgo- which could explain my OCD ;)

  2. Marcela, Your hair probably started growing like crazy when the leo showed up :-)
    Thank you for commenting!

  3. If I showed you a picture of myself with my natural curly hair (when it was long), you would tell right away that I have some Leo in my horoscope ;)

  4. I like the retro look too. Libra here:).

  5. My sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions...I am Pisces.
    A lovely gift from your grandmother...always in style.

  6. Lisa, did you know Libras are known for their sense of aesthetics. And lots harmony, of course!

    Hostess, I never thought of the opposite directions. My nephew who now lives at the place where my sister and I grew up, found the necklace many years ago, behind the radiator in our bathroom. I must have dropped it there and thought it was lost ... until my nephew gave it to me many years ago, at my birthday. He was sooo happy. And even proud.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sorry about the deletion. What a gorgeous necklace - with such beautiful history attached!

    PS: I am a Leo.

  9. Hi SSG! You should have heard me right now: When I see there has been a new comments, I go "yaaaay". The comments make me really happy, you probably know, Gemini are all about communication :-)
    And the virgo ascendent is still worrying why my scalp is still itching after the last hairdresser's appointment. grrrrr.

  10. As fellow Gemini, I have to say, love!
    Well done on the 25 k. What an achievement.

  11. I really like it. I am also a Gemini :)