Saturday, 14 December 2013

5 past 6

 5 minutes past 6 o'clock pm. All shops close at 6pm. The workmen are getting ready ...
 ... while the consumers leave the stores

 Many people have been shopping for Christmas today.

 People everywhere
 That's why they block the road for cars and cyclists. The shopping crowd is the top priority during the weeks before Christmas at Mariahilferstraße.
Innovative light design is obviously not the top priority. The lights somehow speak "why invest in lights if the people come anyway?" For innovative designs see here: Une ville lumière
 People resting after shopping, enjoying hot wine and punch while I enjoy taking photos.
 People drink punch and glogg for good reasons. Here they support refugees who come to Austria.

 More workmen in pole position ...
 ... lining up
Finally the big shopping event is over and everything slowly gets back to normalcy. 
Or should I say normalcity?
 Until Monday , when people return for more, better and bigger bargains!

Saturated colours are always welcome, especially during the dark season.

While people where busy shopping, I was busy with THIS:

 HA! Now do you think this is scary? I do!
 I invited this fellow to the tub this afternoon.
A net ful of seaweed. The seaweed bath detoxes you and makes your skin smooth and soft.

The seaweed bath happend thanks to David Allen's "Getting things done". The box with the seaweed had been sitting in my closet for ages.

I created all kinds of to do lists. One for phone calls, one for the basement, one for stuff that needs to be brought somewhere by car and one important list is the "Heart" list. This list contains all actions that matter for my well-being. Now that the seaweed bath is off the liste, there rarely any "to do's" left on the "Heart" list. One tends to forget about oneself, while taking care of all other things such as broken fridge doors and insurances.
Walking down Mariahilferstraße past 6 o'clock and taking those photos was surely a "Heart"-task. I just stood there, with my camera in my hands. No duties, no stress, just looking around, taking close looks, taking photos.

Now that I sit here, drinking my second mug of homemade delicious orange punch (including rum and sugar) I am not so sure if I got the chronology right. No problem! There is still some seaweed left:
The packaging says this can be reused within 3 days. Hmmm. 

Do you feel like starting your "Heart" list today? 


  1. ich mag deine fotos so. du ermöglichst einen so spannenden einblick, als wäre man selber vor ort. du verzichtest auf gekünsteltes und zeigst einfach die realität. macht das ganze sehr spannend.
    und, wie war dein bad? :)

    1. *mit dem laptop durchs wohnzimmer tanz* Danke!
      Und wenn du meine einzige Lesern wärst, ich würde mich wieder bei 1° hinstellen und Fotos machen.

      Das Bad war ... fischig? Aber das Seegurkentangmonster war's wert. Ein wenig Meer im Binnenland ist doch schön.