Sunday, 22 December 2013

Oh Tannenbaum

 Yesterday's open house-hosts did me a huge favour by choosing the tartan table cloth. Oh, how I envy the lady who wore a green tartan pencil skirt. The open house was visited by guests who know how to dress up for Christmas, including me.

Platters loaded with homemade cookies.
 It was a preppy Christmas party. I spotted ties and cardigans and fresh haircuts for the men.
 In Austria we traditionally cut twigs from trees early december, hoping for them to bloom by Christmas. And they behaved!

The queer Christmas tree comes with surprising decor. 

Readers who are easily offended by nudity and explicit content: 
Please scroll no further! You have been warned.

Delicious mulled wine followed the sparkling wine, enlightening conversations made the guests stay late and laugther filled the rooms. When we stepped outside, it was a wet foggy late night.

So this is Christmas :-)



  1. What hilarious tree decorations - looks rather like the beach at our last holiday spot ! "Preppy' sounds good, and those little biscuits look delicious!

    1. I am glad you can laugh. But hello, would I be to shock you, who lives in the land of Monty Python and Little Britain ;-)) You DO have all kinds of humour!