Sunday, 1 December 2013


 Looking outside the window, it is obvious: autumn does not want to hand over to winter yet.
When have bushes been wearing bright yellow coats like this on a first Advent sunday?
And the lawn is so green! Bwt, blue compliments yellow really well:

Over weeks I have been circling around these spoons. I grew up with these spoons. These grapefruit-spoons speak "USA 1970's". Later I complemented the spoons with a Lefty's-grapefruit-knife. My problem is: I quit eating grapefruits about a decade ago, but I could not toss the spoons away. Probably because they are so ugly special.
As of today, these spoons are history. Besides this one photo as a memorabilia, to remember the bitter taste of the waxed grapefruit peel, that somehow always mixed in, even though I never touched the peel with the spoon.

Taking photos of formerly beloved stuff facilitates de-cluttering processes and of course writing is therapeutical in any case. :-)

xo Paula


  1. Yes they do say "USA 1970s" and I doubt you will miss them.

    1. 6 days later and I am feeling fine. :)