Saturday, 28 December 2013

Downtime at Volksgarten after sunset

 The late days in a late year can be colourful and bright.

Only a few metres lie between the photo above and the photo below.

At this time of the year tourists brighten up the grey city.

Here you can see a rather confusing bicycle-crossing in the middle of a sidewalk. As I said, confusing. Right?
Today I walked to the city centre, picking up my bicycle which I had to abandon the 24th. While walking I get to see a lot of things. Reducing the speed from 15km/h to 5km/h enlargens the focus.
A glimpse inside the Volksgarten.
 The Volksgarten at this time of the year always makes me think of the deceased writer Thomas Bernhard.
 Roses, wrapped up, waiting for those bitterly cold nights that are still to come. Nothing is moving. Downtime.
 Very much to my surprise and joy the bags come in various designs. Underneath the jute bag is another bag, made of paper: double thermo insulation. Bravo!
 Some spices from Hamburg made it here, too!
 What would the Viennese Café be without coffee beans?
 You can adopt a rose bush. The patrons of this rose take extra care.
 This bag looks very authentic. 
You find jute bags like these in any shabby chic bistro around the globe.
Oho! Clean, Sound and New! Papua New Guinea comes with the extra mile.
 Green coffee beans for the artisans in Vienna who roast coffee the "Melange" way.
 Aha. A deconstructivist bean bag. What is it trying to tell us? I frankly do not know.  

I walked past these bags many times, for many years. Never before I had taken notice of the designs.

Time for the big picture. Myriads of jute-rose-bags to the left and as many to the right and in the back. Roses everywhere. This park is famous for its roses in full bloom. 
 Where are the people? Shopping! It is Half past four, all the shops are still open.
 One word: Morbid. 

Morbid is one of my favourite atmospheres for the lens. It all started on cemeteries and during the cold season I find plenty of opportunities to revive my joy for unsaturated images.

Have you been outside for a walk today? These little fellows would love to stray around the city.

Two months from today I will be wandering around Rome. Moving on a slow path, just like today, would be the best way to discover Rome. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Rome Rush won't catch me as soon as I get there!

I highly recommend double clicks on the images for enlarging them. You might miss the details otherwise.  QuicklybBrowsing through is of course fine for me, too.


  1. da sieht man es wieder, manche können anziehen, was sie wollen und sehen sogar mit einem alten caffee-sack gut aus! ich muss dringend mal wieder nach wien. liebe grüsse zu dir! bärbel

    1. Hallo Bärbel! Du kennst Wien?! Schön! Hast du Fotowünsche? Ich spiel hier gerne Wunschkonzert.
      Merisis Blog kann ich dir wärmstens empfehlen, sie "lebt" Wien wie keine andere und findet immer wieder neue Ecken.

  2. So wonderful, you are showing the whole splendid parade, it could beat any Paris Fashion Week show!
    I also love the trees in the background, they speak their own language.

    Those cats are delightful, a whole choir. Imagine their concerts! ;-)

    1. Hi Merisi! Now that you mention it, I see the parade, too!
      Those trees without any leaves show their beautiful silhouettes. Another stunning motif in the Volksgarten is a huge sycamore with the bright Theseustempel in the background.

  3. No, surely not morbid, Paula. The well-wrapped rose bushes do look strange, but only as a result of care and concern for their well-being. It's a lovely idea to adopt a rose bush!

    1. I had to laugh when I read your comment. Of course: you are a gardener in your garden. I am just a tourist, looking at plants, not seeing the "big picture". :-))