Saturday, 7 December 2013

Chim Chimney

 13 chimneys in downtown Vienna, 8th district

Chimney walls are part of all old apartments in Vienna. In nights like tonight you hear the wind howling. 
Looking at these "chimney pipes" I can see why Santa never suceeded in Austria. No way he could ever fit in one of these chimneys.


  1. Hello, Paula!
    It was so nice seeing you back again, on my blog. It gave me a chance to come over to yours, and I hope now I will never again lose the link! (Don't know how I "lost" you, I thought I had you on my blogroll.)
    I think I know where you took that picture. So Viennese, at least in my eyes. ;-)
    Regarding the kitchens in a previous post, from your grapefruit post I gather you must be familiar with Julia Child. Have you had a chance to visit her kitchen in the Smithonian?
    Warm greetings from my perch to yours,
    (Love what you wrote about the blog gives you reason to go out and snap pictures - sounds very familiar!)

    1. Hello Merisi! Thank you for your "visit" :-)

      It is so nice to know Viennese Bloggers who care about things besides fashion.
      I never heared about Julia Child until I saw the movie (the food-blogger-romance). My mum was into Bocuse back then. We had the huge red Bocuse cookbook in our kitchen but I can't recall if my mother ever used it for cooking? ;-)

      Have a nice weekend!

    2. Julia Child figures big in my family, even my children into her cookbooks. She, and Marcella Hazan. My son made bagels following Julia's instructions, while his parents were out at the movies. Best bagels I ever had.
      If you want any recommendations, just ask. ;-)