Sunday, 29 December 2013

Built together

Walking through the apartment, many things that Mr Paula and I have built together over the past decade meet my eye. When we met we both were adults, having built our lifes of our own already. Still we managed to identify idle niches such as the bathroom.

Our selection of toilet sprays, built together!
Mr Paula deliberately chose one of these.
We designed the new kitchen and carried a heavy Wok home from the Naschmarkt:

We designed an endles chest of drawers:

Together we are going to build our future images and memories of Rome, since we are both visiting the eternal city for the first time ever:
We also cherish old things together. The Table and the carpet have been around me as long as I can remember (37 years?!)

Yesterday I found myself counting in Italian. Trentotto becomes quarantaquattro. But who am I to buy jeans in European or lets say Italian size? Trenta/trentaquattro it is! Or more likely ventinove/trentaquattro. Time for skinny, light blue jeans, slim fit the least! I am not wearing these anymore: "why-would-i-wear-this?". The store I visited yesterday had lots of ventinove/trentadue on stock, unfortunately not my size.
Which other numbers could be usefull? How about ring sizes?

You can tell, I am very motivated to intersperse postings with Rome-bits and -pieces until I step onto the plane.



  1. Once upon a time I would know all the useful bus numbers in Rome (including gli orari ed i percorsi delle linee). Number 64 would travel straight from Termini station to the Vatican, #70 somewhere nei Prati, #4 would take me to the Rinascente at Piazza Fiume, and so on. I was a Romana di Roma. For a long time I would swear only in Italian.

    1. speaking of which: and there are a LOT of busses cruising through Rome. :-)