Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Order

What you can see here is NOT my New Year's resoution but something I have discovered in 2013 and enjoy a lot: Organising and getting things done. so I find myself on the last day of the year installing a new order. 
See you again in 2014 and don't forget to put on your dancing shoes tonight!

xo Paula

PS: The marks on the wall (photo #1) do not result from bad photoshopping with the " eraser-tool" but are actual eraser-traces in real life. I erased stains from the wall.


  1. Happy 2014, full of surprises and new adventures!

    1. Thank you, Ana!
      Did you by any chance have hick ups this morning? We celebrated the New Year with Slovenian red sparkling wine! :-D

    2. I hope you enjoyed it :-) No, no hiccups, but I thought of Vienna as we celebrated our New Year, this time in Holland.