Sunday, 29 December 2013

A new pie

 Mr Paula's mother invented a new pie for my vegan Christmas menu. I liked it so much, I immediately copied her idea. She uses no internet, knows no vegan communities, but she knows how to cook, which is a good starting point.
 The pie is of good nature and accepts all kinds of veggies and spices.
If everything went well, I am going to edit this posting in ... 35 minutes. :-)




  1. Looks delicious! :-)

    I find myself eating less and less meat, but vegan, that would be a sacrifice. I do like Hafermilch, though.

    1. You nailed it: it IS tough. For me it was an easy decision, my health improved massivly ever since quitting dairy foods. My acne is gone. BTW: it's the cheese that I miss. Saying farewell to meat and fish was easy, compared to cheese!

  2. Looks yummy! Nothing like old tried recipes from our mums and aunts :-) who need the Internet...