Thursday, 31 March 2011

Under Construction

The week has been busy so far ...
These fences are quite cheerful

This is the hospital where my mum has to stay in, planned in the 1960's.

We were surprised to find 1 window open when looking at the facade today. Can you see the open window? I should go to the room and ask for the key/handle to open the windows. We are desperate for fresh air! (The windows in the rooms and hallways have no handles, no chance to open them, probably because of the height.)Speaking of which: A building like this is probably impossible today, since we live in the days of UNESCO World Heritage List and Vienna's Historic Center is ever so scared to drop out!

This Russian orthodox church is close to the hospital.
My mum can see it from the hallway. She loves the golden onion domes.

One of my favourite atmospheres in the city would be: 'Heading West in the Evening'. Like this:

A new bicycle-lane next to the river, pictured earlier this week, on my way to visit my father.

There was a happy event this week: I finished the first bottle of perfume ever.
Pff Pfff. Just air left the bottle.

Yes, I really liked this scent. And it does not last long. ;-) And I still like the scent, but I might something new. Well, not 100% new, I might stick to the 'nose'. The 'nose'? Yes!
The nose is the createur of a scent. And there is a lovely database for perfumes online, Fragrantica. I looked up who created 'essence' and will sniff my way through his other perfumes. It is fun to look up the noses. You might find out, you like a lot of the scents from various brands which have been created by one person, the so-called 'nose'.

Recently there has been some knitting-street-action going on. I would not call it art, though, but nice enough to make its way here.
Tourists + cyclists on the same pavement = bad idea

Can you see the trees: yes, they are still in winter-mode. So if you ever decide to visit Vienna, wait until late April. Photos look much nicer by then.

This is my typical end of the working day these days, my bike always awaits me.

Wow, timber moving through a cottage area in Vienna.

Vix, I hope you are reading this. I took this last photo especially for you. It shows the "greenery" after a long, dry winter in Central Eastern Europe. Shades of gray. No mud, lots and lots of dust!

Have a nice evening
and thank you very much for taking a lool at the photos and reading :-)


  1. Love that photo of the bicycle.

  2. My bicycle became quite a companion to me!