Saturday, 16 November 2013

DIY coffee pot cozy

There are foods and beverages I like warm as much as cold. Cake. Potatoe salad. Roasted pumpkin. And then there are foods and beverages that loose their magic once they are cool: pasta with sauce, assam tea and coffee. The coffee inside the coffee pot cools the moment you pour the boiling hot water in the glass jug. Thermodynamic never lets you down.
coffee pot / photo taken at the end of our saturday breakfast session

A few years ago I decided to bring an end to the "Who craves the last cup of cold coffee?"- breakfast  and returned from the local Bodum store with a neoprene coffee pot cuff which I proudly presented  to Mr Paula. He "hm hmm'd" the new gadget. The next morning our thermoinsulated coffee pot bbehaved oddly. My satisfaction lasted only a few minutes. The boiling hot water had warmed the cuff and the neoprene released neoprene molecules into the air. Instead of coffee flavours now plastic flavours met my olfactory nerves while pouring the coffee. The whole coffee thing totally looses its purpose when your breakfast table is surrounded by plastic molecules in the air. The next they I returned the cuff to a very-high-eyebrowed-sales assistent.
She: "This can't be. No one before you ever had this problem and they are a bestseller". 
Me: "I can assure you, I am not making this up. Maybe other customers don't bother to come back for 6 EUR". 

Cuff returned, problem not solved to full satisfaction yet. When the market lets you down, it's time for DIY.
wrapping the coffee pot - a new morning ritual
rear view. oh well
clip deserves an upgrade, but since economy class achieves the aim as well

Stay warm!
xo Paula


  1. Hmm.. that's nice. But I prefer cold coffee to hot coffee. I have coffee maker in my house but it for the hot coffee only. I would like to buy cold coffee maker soon.

    Finn Felton

    1. Hi Finn! There is a saying in German: "Kalter Kaffee macht schön" (cold coffee makes you pretty). You must be pretty goodlooking! :-)