Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Welcome to Vienna!

The downside of one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna: the Prater
I just had to back pedal and take this photo.

Here you can see the famous big wheel in the far back, a new multi storey park deck to the right (the building with red wire-frames) The park deck was built right beside an existing, usually empty multi storey park deck. You also see a cash machine, hidden inside a gigantic pig, which is surrounded by cheap fences. Posts to hinder you from parking your car outside the park deck are to be found all over the place.

I guess I captured the ugly downside quite well. 


  1. Very funny. We got a couple of good shots of the wheel at night. I don't remember seeing the pig.

    1. The pig has become a classic! Many Viennese love the pig. :-)